In The Bathroom With My Sister<br /><br />I am a burned out 18 year old gencim..Biz 4 Decimals and the most among them<br />we live with my sister and mother, whose baby is 1 year older than me, and the other<br />my sisters are married and live at home.<br /><br />One day my mother and father went abroad to my sisters, constantly tickled<br />since we arrived, I wanted to stop in Turkey this sister also go<br />didn’t want to<br /><br />because full-time exams vardı.ve my sister was going to struggle with exams<br />her breasts are erect and large, gotu is large and attractive bırıydı.Ve i him<br />I was thinking and masturbating constantly. There are also a lot of boys at school<br />he was running, and every time I break their mouths and noses with my sister<br />i used to fight.Anyway, let’s get straight to the point.One day my sister came from school and<br />she was taking a bath.<br /><br />i couldn’t stand it that day, I peeped at him, he had such a beautiful body<br />my mouth watered I knew what I was doing was wrong, but my eyes<br />i couldn’t take it, I saw my sister naked for the first time.Fucking my sister in the head at that moment<br />i put it, but how, then an idea came to my mind.<br />Our valve was immediately in the entrance, my sister just opened the valve when<br />I turned it off.My sister called out to me and said, “Bring the water in the kitchen.“<br /><br />I said Okay so. this was the opportunity I was looking for.i went to the bathroom, but my sister<br />he was wearing a bathrobe.Get the water out of my head and I’ll take care of the rest<br />said.he stretched his head towards the ceiling and wrapped the view behind me<br />i drained the water by watching.Draining the juice from looking at his gotune<br />i forgot that my sister understood that I was peeping at her, but out of incomprehension<br />He came.<br /><br />He said come on, pour it.i’m a doctor right now.just when I had given up hope, behind my sister<br />he turned around, there was no foam on his face anymore.he looked at my dick and his got up a<br />he saw that he was standing in salute. Then do you want me to make love to me<br />said.I said Okay so.Then to the lip yapıstı opusmeye like crazy<br />we started.<br /><br />He was playing with my cock in the room while I was licking his eyes.Then undress me<br />said.I said I would too, and I undressed.taking my cock in her mouth and giving a blowjob<br />it began. He was licking non-stop and savagely.i have so much pleasure in your mouth<br />i exploded.then we started opusing again.I threw my hand on his pussy<br />I was stroking it, and then mine was sewn back up.<br /><br />And my sister froze her back and said let’s go.I’ve had you before with someone else<br />i said have you ever been together, room no, but I would like you to be the first<br />said.i also stuck with the current psychology, I sniffed until the end, my sister ciglik<br />atıyordu.Ve blood started coming out of her pussy.<br /><br />but I was stinging more, the room was probably enjoying it, he wasn’t saying stop<br />after I fucked her pretty hard in her pussy, I emptied her pussy.<br /><br />He asked me to squeeze a gotten too, I said okay, to fuck his got hole<br />soap in the bathroom kullandı slowly stinging basladım.Ve gotune<br />I was Bosal.Then I said I closed the valve, the room said you did well and<br />laughed at.And then we both took a shower, and when I was taking a shower, I was fucking him


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