After he told me these things, I said that there is nothing to do to him, so am I, now you have seen me up close. Then we were a little undecided about where we were going and he asked me ‘do you drink alcohol’, so I said it doesn’t matter to me. And then he took me to a really incredibly luxurious and high-quality place. Once inside, he called the waiter and asked what we could have as a cocktail, and then asked for a glass of whiskey. Then we started drinking mutually. However, as time passed and the subject came to different places, events began to change. Suddenly, the topic came to our sexual life. He told me that his sex life was really bad and that he was not in the life of a woman who was with him, who fully satisfied him. Actually, I said I have the same problem. He was shocked out of nowhere and said, ’How is it that a woman like you doesn’t have someone in her life?’ I said no. Actually, we were both very surprised, and then he made me his offer. ’If we are both unhappy in that sense, then is it okay if we make each other happy,’ she said. Of course, if there is no problem on your part in this sense, he added.


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