Continuing to rub his ass again, he crossed to my right. And I, without showing that I had become the four corners of the pleasure of that moment, took the salt from its place and put it next to the January. When I was about to take my place to chop a tomato or something, I realized that Semra was looking at my dick. Of course, since I was wearing pajamas, the puffiness was obvious. I was excited to think you liked it. As if it was a common decision that we should not dwell on the scene that had just happened, we opened up topics and continued our conversation. When I took out the breakfast dishes in the closet and put them on the table, Beyza, who had already left the bathroom, got dressed and came to us. While throwing welcome kisses to each other, I may have imagined that I was in my brother’s place and placed those kisses on Semra’s sweet lips.


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