i am a 22-year-old handsome man with an athletic body of 178 tall<br />i’m young. i will tell you about the incident next to my aunts in Izmir after 8 months in the military<br />it started with me leaving.<br />my aunt was a widow in her 40s, but she was still very sensitive to her hips<br />i used to dream about her all the time, I used to shoot 31, and her daughter was like an angel porn<br />he used to take stones out of his stars one night we went to have fun together at night<br />we returned around 03.00 because we had too much alcohol, hülya immediately went to bed<br />told<br />and he went to the bedroom<br /><br />i was alone with my aunt and my mind was always on her gorgeous ass, my aunt<br />he got up and staggered because he was drunk, so I have this opportunity<br />i hugged her from the waist saying that my dick, which has already been lifted, is my aunt’s gorgeous<br />he said it in the ass and my aunt was startled, and then angrily<br />he said he was going to bed and left in the morning, hülya went to work and I was with my aunt<br />i was left alone, I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible, while she was sitting in my bathroom<br />he told me to plug your construction into the vcd from the movies I have there and watch it<br />i found a porn movie while I was mixing my movies, I was watching<br /><br />by the way, I was shooting Dec. 31 and suddenly I was startled by my aunt’s footsteps, yes<br />he caught me in the room and when he saw my 22 cm cock, a voice called the moon<br />he took it off, he came to me last night more than I put my dick on him<br />he said he was impressed, and he clung to my lips, kissing me to death<br />as if my lips were going to break off, I laid there and licked their breasts<br />i started, her breasts sagged a little, but she was very cute 🙂 her belly from there<br />i started licking your pussy, my aunt is under me, come on, man, it’s huge<br />she was screaming that i want your cock<br /><br />in the meantime, I got up and told him to lick my cock, Decking his room job with a great<br />he was doing it the way he was licking himself to death, and at that moment I couldn’t help but feel a little<br />i exploded like a volcano and then she fucked her gorgeous uncle and<br />i started licking your wonderful ass, my cobra started moving again<br />and I couldn’t take it anymore, the first thing on my mind was to fuck her in the ass, but a<br />i couldn’t agree, he said he’d never done it, and he was afraid of his pity<br />so I did what he wanted to do, fucking slowly inserting my cock’s head<br />i started, it was burning like a flame, I fucked in that position for 20 minutes, then<br />i pulled out my cock and pressed it into her asshole in one move, my aunt died a<br />i thought he was screaming and tearing, holding tight to his waist and yarram<br />i stuck it halfway through, against my aunt, who realized that there was no salvation anymore<br />he wasn’t coming to fuck me in the ass, his ass was tight and warm, while Decapitating my head<br />i lifted it up and saw the idiot by the door watching us in amazement<br /><br />nothing happened, gini undressed and ran to us and stuck to my lips<br />i was fucking my aunt while my aunt was kissing her daughter, my hayyals were getting real<br />my aunt couldn’t stand it anymore, she came with a startling ejaculation and went to the bathroom hülya<br />now it’s my turn to fuck me, and when he said he stuck to my lips and I<br />i didn’t resist 🙂 she was writhing under me while licking her gorgeous tits<br />i started licking her pussy, which was fresher, she was almost rabid, come on, man<br />come on ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh fuck me come on he was moaning but the only problem is<br />she was a virgin, so I wanted to fuck her gorgeous ass anyway<br />i picked up the cream standing on the table and fucked her asshole while telling her to fuck<br />i creamed, i put cream on my dick, i put my dick’s head in your ass<br />and it was burning like a flame, I thought my dick was skinned, skintight<br />i grabbed him tightly by the waist in the ass and in one fell swoop to the root<br />i stuck my cock in, hülya started crying and the animal was saying rip my ass<br />and I didn’t mind and kept pumping, then I was dreaming<br />i want to be your real man<br /><br />i said i would fuck your uncle, he objected, but my futile cock moved in one fucking move<br />i even stung, I was bleeding, yes, I broke the dream, a great one<br />it was a pleasure that hüülya stopped crying and looked to enjoy what had happened :)<br />after fucking the idiot for about half an hour, we both came with a startling ejaculation and<br />i went to the bathroom and fucked my aunt and the fool in the ass one more time<br />and we slept, I stayed there for 6 days and fucked two almost every day<br />the bitch :)<br /><br />now I’m preparing the ground to go to Izmir again 🙂


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