i am a 19-year-old boy, let me tell you about an incident that passed through the press<br />one day my uncles went somewhere for 2 days and my uncle’s daughter<br />because he was afraid, he cajoled me to go to bed, I said okay, but I always<br />it was late in my mind to fuck her, we had dinner, and then she said I was going to take a shower<br />and I said okay, and then there was glass on the door, and I was watching him<br />she took off her red bra and had only a red thong underneath, so<br />i was waiting for him to come out and he came out, I was watching from the window, he noticed him<br />but I kept looking before I realized that he noticed, and then he got his dream<br />and after that, she started to caress her pussy with a virgin other than a man<br />has been together.<br /><br />he turned me on and I was like a tight pile and then he got out of the bathroom<br />and he said let’s go to bed on the island, I said I would, we were going to sleep in a separate room, but<br />i always wanted to fuck her, then the great offer came and told me<br />come sleep next to me, I’m afraid, he said, I said okay, I was in bed now<br />she had a great physique, I wanted to fuck her without passing the time, we slept and<br />i was slowly sucking my dick without caking the room did not understand this<br />i put my hand on their breasts as if I did it wrongly and they didn’t react at all<br />i slowly started to grope his ass and he called me even more by hand and I no longer<br />i was four corners from pleasure, I immediately stripped off her shorts and put my hand on her pussy<br />she just took a bath, and I would have slowly taken off the bra with a clean outside<br />then I started licking it, the room was squeezing my hand, slowly sortunu<br />i’d get out and it was her turn now<br /><br />her red thong was driving her ass crazy from behind and then she gave a blowjob<br />she started screaming and I took off her thong and started licking her ass<br />i licked her all over, I started licking her pussy, she was smoking, don’t<br />diordu, but I’ll stop yet, but then the room was enjoying this request<br />and I was slowly fucking my dick, and I, but my daughter was more dior<br />and I scored a great goal without losing speed time, now I’m stuck<br />and there was a lot of blood flowing, we took a shower after we loved the end, but still<br />i had it in mind to fuck while I was taking a shower, we started kissing again and in the morning<br />it took us 2 years to fuck until we got married but i still want to fuck her


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