When I lean on him with all my strength, he is still a long way from ambition<br />ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the sound came. I emptied all my sperm into it with enthusiasm.<br />It probably took me another minute to stop after the discharge. He is big<br />I didn’t want the pleasure to end. I came out of it with my legs shaking. My Penis<br />i looked and there was blood and (excuse me) shit in it. Emel both his own robe and<br />and he took mine off and took me by the penis and took me to the bathroom. Eye<br />a beauty washed me with water and then took it in her mouth inside my penis<br />he allowed the remaining one or two drops of sperm to come out. By the way<br />he was also rubbing my knuckles and letting me completely empty inside.<br />I was finished, literally finished, from the trembling of my feet<br />because I threw the robe over me and went and sat in the living room, there is a small bathroom<br />I think he just did it, and he came into the hall next to me. Almost a threesome<br />i was about to fall asleep on the couch when I thought of her husband, adam<br />he couldn’t have heard us, but there was no sound from the door either, curiously a little<br />I got up in fear and went to the door, the man was gone. But surely we<br />had he heard, surely a person would have recognized the moaning sound of his own wife, how<br />i couldn’t believe I was doing something like this, how could I get out of this<br />while thinking


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