What happened last summer happened. Sister-in-law left her sister-in-law, who could not leave her job again, in Germany and came with the children on vacation. We met at the airport, I hugged my sister-in-law with longing. I kissed her on the cheeks. I pressed it to my chest and held it tightly for a moment and let go. I’ve really missed it. As we had planned in advance, the next day we all went to Bodrum to the holiday village. There were no local tourists because we made the reservation from outside in advance. My sister-in-law was going to stay with the children in the Bungalow next door, and me and her older sister in a spacious one-bed room. We all scattered to two rooms, my wife left the children by the pool and came, laid down on the large bed and stayed, the road was tired and the heat affected. I wanted to dive into the sea immediately, to throw off the fatigue and sweat of the long journey in the sea. I immediately threw off my clothes and started looking for my swimsuit, naked…


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