“I don’t know, my girl yaa. They wear it, they are tourists!I said. The sister-in-law laughed and said, “Okay, here’s the uncle, I’m a tourist too, I came from Europe. I can dress like them too!" said. And I laughed and said, ”Well, at least, it will happen, take off your top, you will be a tourist just like them …". “Why not, uncle? Am I missing one of them? Look, you’ve got me well in mind…” he said, putting his hand on her neck and lowering her bikini top. Ended up. Her big breasts were now in the square with all their beauty. Wow… That was great! I could hardly restrain myself from reaching out and grabbing my hand, not kissing those nipples that had become like a grain of grapes. I was stuck as if I had been hypnotized, as if I had taken a bullet. My eyes didn’t spend her tits. I don’t know how long I was in this situation. I was able to come to my senses when my sister-in-law laughed into my arm and moved forward.



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