it was 10 years ago that I was 23 years old, a sauna masseur at the time<br />i was working as a pisser, I came home from the door, so my sister-in-law<br />my uncle’s wife opened it, I asked my parents, they went to the village, she said I took a shower<br />i thought i’d buy it, my sister-in-law said I’d make you dinner, I said I wouldn’t eat<br /><br />then he said I should put tea on, I thought it would be fine, I went into the shower, but<br />i saw a blackout in front of the door, my sister-in-law was peeping at me, and I saw her<br />i began to stroke my wound so that he could see, imagining him<br />i ejaculated, took a shower, left, went to the living room in my bathrobe, bottomed in the apartment<br />we were sitting with our tops on, so we dressed comfortably, my aunt brought tea, and we drank<br />i went to my room, I was reading a story on the computer, my sister-in-law called me ayhan a lot<br />i’m tired, he said would you massage my back, I was happy with yesterday, okay<br />i said sister-in-law, I went to her sister-in-law, by the way, she was 29 years old, she was comfortable Decking out on the floor<br />i thought I’d give him a massage, he said okay, he lay down on it because the weather is hot<br />there was a thin bagi under a baggy skirt, I started rubbing her back, bhabhi<br />i said it’s not comfortable like this, I thought I’d make this badie comfortable to take out<br />he was happy with yesterday, he immediately took off only the bra, but what a bra<br />from the one who showed her black breasts, I started rubbing her back a little more<br />i went forward and opened the clasp of the bra, my dick did not make a sound<br />he began to swing from his back to his hips, from there to his back and chest sides<br />i started to massage her, she started to enjoy it a lot, sometimes into her skirt Decently<br />i was putting my hand in and stroking your hips, sister-in-law, I said can you take off the skirt<br />i said okay, he said there was a black kilot underneath, there was something between there and Decimation<br />i untied the belt of the robe, I left my wound on my feet and<br />i started to massage her buttocks, she had hips like a stone, slowly<br />i started rubbing my wound on her thighs, which will have made her feet a little<br />she opened up more, but that wasn’t enough for me, I had to put my wound in her pussy<br />i shifted your weight a little to the side under the pretext of massaging your hips, how beautiful is that<br />her cunt was waiting for me to m my wound, her pussy lips were opened a little up<br />i started to massage her back by sliding Decoupling between her thighs<br />i started to fuck her by inserting her feet a little more, officially<br />he was inviting me, I couldn’t get any more, and I wound up in her cunt<br />i swiped, there was a sound in your mouth called ohh, I was starting to go<br />he even turned around and stuck to my lips, what a nice massage you do<br />we said he sat on me and I was pumping his pussy and your breasts like stones<br />i was licking it .the tips of the breasts drove me crazy brown and very big<br />they understood that I was going to cum, he said don’t cum inside me and immediately took it in his mouth<br />he started sucking, shaking, jerking, I cum in his mouth, of course, already now<br />it was empty in the mail, I did it in the bathroom, I took a shower and we left


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