His colleague’s wife comes to his house while his friend is at work and fucks his wife badly.


After taking a deep breath through mom’s panties I fuck my manhood with her<br />i wrapped it up well and thinking that those panties were my mother’s wet womanhood<br />i ejaculated. As soon as he ejaculated, his longing fell on me again … He is another<br />it belonged to the man. "Oh, I wish I had the opportunity to marry you, Mom."<br />I. “I used to worship you every day…" Panties in the drawer<br />i put it back. I went to my room and slept with that fatigue thinking about my mother again…<br /><br />The next day I woke up to a knock on my room door. It was my mother “Kemal<br />sweetheart. Breakfast is ready," he called. Just my dream<br />I was almost like a maniac with the effect. I could only say “okay” to my mother.<br />I used to fuck my mother in a dream almost every night, but never so real<br />I haven’t seen. The taste of those entrances to her womanhood was still on my palate…my mother<br />in order not to keep him waiting, I got up immediately and went to the hall. My mother is in the hall<br />he was sitting on the couch waiting for me to come. Handle her blonde hair in a ponytail<br />he never made it. He was wearing a long singlet. She had no skirt or trousers. Under<br />I could have sworn she didn’t have panties on either. When he saw me, he said, “oh, did you get up”"<br />he asked. "Good morning, dear”<br /><br />Good morning, Mom…<br /><br />We sat at the opposite table. He got up to fill my tea. Tea<br />while filling it, she bent over so that all her breasts could be seen. athlete my hand<br />I was trying hard not to tuck them in and pinch them. Morning again<br />it took my mind off this morning…<br /><br />I barely finished breakfast. We took a cup of tea and watched TV. I<br />I was sitting across from him. He had thrown his legs over each other. The athlete is very<br />since he was not tall, his butt looked comfortable. In her bare feet<br />she had those white high-heeled slippers with pompoms again. because ”goddess"<br />it’s gone through me. "Why read mythology and look for a goddess…The goddess is now<br />standing in front of me… this noble state of my mother was almost imprinted on my soul. My Dream<br />it came before my eyes. To have him. Even in a dream when I have him<br />how peaceful I felt. Yes, there was no other way. Me to my mom<br />I was completely in love. I couldn’t have done it without him. I should have told him. All<br />i plucked up my courage. And I was able to say ”Mom." ”sir, dear," he said,<br />when he turned to me looking into my eyes, he almost finished those eyes<br />me…my tongue went round. But I pulled myself together immediately.”Mother dear,” he<br />I started to say… ” There are things I have wanted to talk to you about for a long time.<br />His speech is very difficult to describe. I’m sure you’ll be mad at me, but at what cost<br />I have to say no matter what…my mother turned to me and smiled."especially one<br />tell me,""he said, then we’ll think about whether I’ll be angry or not …" I stood up in the room<br />I was walking around and talking on the one hand.