Greetings to everyone,I have already posted on the site (Camera Excuse) called<br />i have made some friendships because of the story,the site for this<br />thank you to the officials. Last month in the eyes of my husband’s father<br />i took it from the village and brought it to us because it has a visual impairment, the eye<br />we took him to the hospital and had him examined, the doctor returned two months later<br />he said he had to come,so we didn’t take the lost skin back to the village here<br />you can stay here, we said it’s your house. Anyway, the days come like this<br />in passing,how is the father-in-law while watching TV on the weekend evening<br />is there any improvement in your eyes?i asked if the room does not have me, my son, you brought in vain<br />he said to me again, it’s dark everywhere, there’s not even a light, so have a little patience<br />i just said bismillah, by the way, my wife brought them some fruit or something Decently<br />we were snacking,my wife turkan was licking the banana in her hand as if she was sucking my dick<br />he was eating while looking, slowly pull me over and look at you in front of your father’s eyes<br />i said I would fuck, you can’t fuck the room, when he responded, the sin went from me<br />then I put my hand under her skirt and began to caress her pussy<br />when I came upon it, it was soggy, I said, what’s the matter, girl, you’re horny,my wife<br />looking at his father, saying because of you, my dear, the voice fell to my lips<br />we started making love without taking it off<br /><br />Let’s turn up the volume of the Turkan TV a little more, or dad, our voice<br />he said he could hear, so I turned up the volume a little more, knelt down in front of him and put my head<br />i buried it between her legs because she just got out of the bathroom, her pussy is Decently clean<br />it was like you were on my head, I was fucking my head with my tongue<br />when i take it off and look, my wife has her breasts fora ends<br />he was licking,I whispered in his ear that your father could see,further forward<br />i said if we’re going to go, let’s go to bed,no, me here in front of my dad<br />he took my dick out and took it in his mouth, saying dick, licking it so greedily, the recipe<br />impossible, we stayed naked with slow movements,it’s 69, it’s me, I have<br />we were licking him insanely, and then I lay on my back on the floor with my wife’s hand<br />he asked me if I could put my dick close to her pussy lips and enter my ear<br />i said to the root, the room began to pull oflar and sit up and get up our voice<br />there’s no way your father-in-law didn’t hear it, he must have heard it because his daughter is crazy<br />he was moaning Decently, and when I looked back, one of his hands was in his pajamas<br />he was on the move, I asked türkana if you noticed your father ohh yes<br />go on, go on, he moaned, I rolled the turk up behind him and<br />so you liked it a lot, ha, he made a hard entrance, saying like crazy, yes, yes<br />he moaned that the incident had become very loud because my balls and pussy were all<br />at the meeting, there were sounds of rustling rustling, and he quickly preceded me<br />ihggg voice came from father-in-law, followed by türkan and I were finished türkan<br />as soon as he realized the incident, he immediately got up and ran to the bathroom, and of course I had<br />after that, we took a nice shower and slept ..


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