His colleague’s wife comes to his house while his friend is at work and fucks his wife badly.


the story that happened to me happened like this.my sister-in-law is normal at the age of 28<br />she is a housewife with a body.anyway, our story is that one day my uncle is due to work<br />he had to go to Ankara and said it might take 1 or 2 weeks.Road room<br />he said he was hungry and told my uncle to stay at home alone<br />started.it was the second day he called me from the phone, I was scared yesterday at sengel<br />he said let’s stay together until your uncle comes, so I said okay and went home<br />it was evening, we ate our meals and started watching TV, aunt<br />he said I was going to take a bath and went and I started watching TV at 10<br />it’s been about a minute, so I had to go to the bathroom with a toilet<br />anyway, I got into the toilet, I got out, and suddenly I thought of unity<br />i looked through the hole in the bathroom and what do I see in front of me is my sister-in-law’s stone<br />like an ass, oh, my god, what a beautiful ass that was, anyway, I started watching<br />i watched for 15 minutes, the place I didn’t see, and there’s no hole left, that’s mine now<br />it sat on my head when I said I need to fuck this if I find a way, just open the door<br />he approached me and I immediately came and sat down next to the TV<br />my sister-in-law said I’m going to bed, ok, I said I watched TV for 2 hours or something<br />it was 1.30am and I was going to bed and going to my sister-in-law’s bedroom<br />he was a little hungry, I went in slowly, he was sleeping soundly.his hip is a<br />i began to slowly stroke her buttocks, part of which was hungry, I<br />as he stroked, he gradually relaxed. putting my hand inside the nightstand and ass<br />i started fingering her hole, I stung a little too much, I think she woke up and you<br />he said what are you doing, I was horny to lick you to pass my horny<br />i said I’m here, he said get up right now and go to your room quickly or I’ll scream.I<br />i immediately ran up to him and closed his mouth, immediately found a carshaf there and<br />i tied his mouth, then I tore off the shirt on me and tied his hands in a blind knot<br />it wasn’t just that his feet were tied, I immediately took off the nightdress and collapsed<br />on the one hand, I was licking her pussy on the breasts for about 20 minutes, I swallowed everything<br />i looked at my sister-in-law and she passed out to tell me something<br />she’s working, I opened her mouth, what did I say, she was begging to fuck me right now<br />i approached her pussy and started walking on my half, my sister-in-law sok<br />he was shouting.i was going in at a speed, there was a sound called ahhhhhh<br />then fuck me a little faster, he screamed to die, I’m no longer like otamakik kufak<br />i started to explode into it, then I got a little rest and I solved my sister-in-law, gengem<br />he came with speed, took the wound in his mouth and told me to fuck until the morning and lick it<br />it started, my one got up, I turned it around and headed to the ass, oh, slow<br />nobody said it kokledim bhabhi ki duyuncabir get better<br />one by one, I was pulling out my wound, and it started to turn upside down<br />i twisted and turned, but I went in, I fucked 4 times in the morning, my aunt is now<br />my wife was fucked for 2 weeks to the fullest and my uncle came and I left there 2<br />a month later, my sister-in-law called and said, my husband, you’re becoming a father now<br />i couldn’t believe it, so I said how are you going to tell my uncle, oooo, he said he knew<br />one day he said he knew that he was my child, and I said bi<br />i was relieved that fortunately the child was born when my uncle was not at home<br />i’m going to love your child and I’m fucking my wife hard right now<br />i hope that iishallah, who is pregnant again, will attach this chef to everyone ii days