One day I’m at the company and a female client I see constantly is our client<br />there is.Warm, but initially friendly, provided that at least twice a week<br />it was a household call.When the interview times started to increase, yeşim hanım’s wife<br />to talk about his problems with me and to have fun with him from time to time Dec<br />he wanted us to leave.<br />I brought it to the end of a week and I was going to take him to entertain.Instead of work<br />. when I went, he had one or two patients, he examined them.Then me<br />he called me into the office.You can go to the secretary who works with you now<br />he also sent her away, he said. Suddenly I’m going to ask you a question, but be honest with me<br />he said (Do you want to have sex with me).<br />Suddenly I was stunned, he asked the same question again, and if you’re sure I have a big<br />i approached him with pleasure, saying, and immediately stuck to his lip, telling him<br />I took the second step.Suddenly he stood up and examined me his patients<br />he put the patient in his chair. (Dentist’s chair).Suddenly my zipper<br />he attacked and took my dick in his hand and said I wish my wife would work too<br />he started the saxophone.She brought me to my first orgasm with her vacuum-like lips.<br />Then I got up and put him in that chair.From Your Lips<br />i was naked, earlobes,nape and when it was time for your breasts<br />i unbuttoned the doctor’s suit on him.I opened it, but what do I see<br />the jade lady was wearing only a bra and a thong.Over that doctor<br />I took off her apron and started sucking on her big breasts slowly.Yesim<br />the lady had already started to pass out while she was in the earlobes.Some<br />when I go further down, yeşim hanım.<br />she had her first orgasm before she even got into it. I took off the thong underneath<br />and I played a little with my middle finger .But jade is still new with my finger<br />I was just starting to carve, so please come in! get what happens! he screams<br />it started while I was drinking that fresh, unused pussy<br />i was looking forward to it, and immediately the instrument was lying on that sick couch and .<br />i began to slowly insert it into the jade, who screamed, just in case, just in case<br />jade began to pass out thoroughly.Now my tides are speeding up<br />jade was flying.<br />Don’t ask me at all, I flew in that narrow and little-used in jade<br />we were moments and moments away from reaching orgasm together.jade put her nails on my back<br />he was going crazy under me, the sounds he made were like an oven<br />the burning pussy drove me crazy, we both came out screaming.But<br />jade was not satisfied, she still wanted.She woke up by sucking my dick again<br />and I made jade happy once again.I wish when we’re done bickering<br />he said my husband should be young and fit like you.It turns out that her husband is 17 years old<br />he was big, just because he chose her for a better life, but that’s what he told me .<br />i wish I had thought about sex at the time and not been stupid,right now I’m a<br />he cried, saying that I would live all the time, not instantaneously.What can not stand<br />I left saying that if you want time, I’m ready to listen to your problems.This<br />at the moment, I am happy with jade, provided that it happens once a week.


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