He bent his head forward, then without waiting for his answer, I stood up and unzipped my zipper<br />it was like he was going to run away at that moment, but he stopped the most important experience of his life<br />he lived . After stripping off my panties, I almost took off my erect cock<br />i was holding the cock at mouth level, I felt like giving it to her mouth, but<br />he was going to run away at that time, I just stood in front of him, he just looked at my cock, and then<br />he asked if she always stands upright like this, laughing, from the pictures on the computer<br />i told him that it was because I was aroused that he was getting so hard and erect, and<br />i held it out to his hand to check its hardness, thin long<br />he squeezed with both of his fingers, which almost drove me crazy<br />i was going to explode in his face, he held my balls with two fingers, I told him<br />i told him to grab it because men like it and I want you more<br />i said it would make it attractive, but he didn’t eat it, then after examining it a little more<br />then he said, that’s enough .


BBW, Blonde, Russian

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