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Hello all story readers, the real memories that have passed through my head and<br />i am happy to share my experiences with you again, 183 height 79 kilo long<br />i am a tall brunette handsome young man, 30 years old, who has been through a<br />i wrote my sex moment and the ladies who added it from the e-mail I wrote there<br />was happening.One of them is 19 years old Marmara university in istanbul<br />she was staying with 2 female friends at the faculty of communication at Goztepe campus<br />i was very lucky that he was in my house in üsküdar and we had a lot of written sex on MSN<br />making love, even on love, we talked about everything together, then Decked out the camera<br />i acti and saw her elegant skinny petite beauty with long black hair<br />if I loved white skin for hours, I couldn’t get enough of beauty was the only flaw<br />the girl was a virgin, her name was missed, she had a lover in her life<br />he didn’t go any further than kissing her, even a naked man’s 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swallowed it was worth it for those dreams 10 o’clock<br />when ceyre was there, longing came and we recognized our friend and said hello<br />it’s tight and weird because we both knew so well that we left like kopecks<br />we loved together, we loved next to each other, we walked home without stopping<br />we were looking at each other, and I was looking at his wonderful hips<br />i was looking at their vegohuses, I was going to swallow them and suck them home<br />we came and opened the door and we entered the room in the excitement of tbai<br />i was feeling that along the way I was already feeling fine, even my jeans<br />it was even visible through my pants now as soon as I walked through the door from behind<br />as soon as it was scarce, I froze and hugged him, holding both sides of his ass<br />i pulled it to myself and made it to your lips, then holding it in the palm of your hand<br />standing up, I moved the opera between his lips and his Decollete, he was trembling with excitement<br />a stranger’s hand was hovering on her butt, and I was thick, like a stone<br />my old yarragim jeans feel good now in rolmus ozlemde<br />i’m not exaggerating when I hug standing up a 10 min hug standing there opusup<br />i touched it, I grabbed it, it’s the place to say it, but I immediately undressed and made love to it<br />i didn’t want sex as a result, the sweetest, most exciting event is small sex<br />we went to the hall to discover the secret of the games and onsevismeymedi holding hands<br />when he was going to sit right next to me, I came to my lap and opturt my lap<br />and we continued to opus with that sweet soft ass in my hands, and then<br />got up bi 15 min after opusutk, is there something to take care of the kitchen<br />i said if there is nescafe in the kitchen, or if there is alcohol, there will be a room, I said<br />i went to the kitchen and I couldn’t get my eyes off the water anyway<br />i was going to suck and swallow them with my tongue in the following hours, I’m a thick hyarragim<br />maybe I was going to put it in the mouth, maybe I was going to put it in the mouth, maybe it would move<br />if there was a lack of visibility, I turned on the TV and searched for a music channel and found it, and<br />when kenan found his song like honey from the east, let go of his voice and pity him<br />i went behind the backs of those asses in the kitchen gorur gormezna butt<br />i hugged my friend in a deconstructive way, light titredi gohusleri<br />it was in my palms, you will never leave them, even when we are preparing coffee<br />dedi tittering and giggling lightly, mine is now very soft<br />he felt it in his butt, I was a human being now, I couldn’t stand it there<br />i started to take off the clothes on it, so it was exciting that it was mine<br />it was like it was going to jump out of place, I took off my clothes and grabbed his gohusler<br />and how I took her nipples in my mouth and sucked her passionately swallowing with 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/>how to get us to leave quickly sitersne oyle your heart is beating gum gum<br />let’s relax in bed and let’s cuddle a little<br />deidm said ok in a very low titrk voice and went to bed with her butt<br />i picked up my lap like I was holding it, and I went and made your bed chirp<br />we hugged opusuyopruz my wife is surging on her skinny skin so much<br />you were excited, I was scared in the kitchen, I said ozlem, you were tickling me with excitement<br />i said I didn’t see boyle’s empty girl, it was great, but he hugged me for the first time<br />i felt his height, he said, wrapped in plastic inside the bed opusmek<br />it felt good to touch him, his eyes like they were going to pop instead of my eyes<br />he was looking, I took his hand and put it in mine, his eyes were very open<br />my cock was like a stake because I was dimmed and pleasure juice was coming from the horny<br />he was now reading 31 jackets as if he was opusmesinden and looking at the fact that<br />i was afraid, either if it happens to me, or if it happens to me like crazy, that moment<br />i remember the feeling I felt was that he was looking at it because he never<br />even if my virgin wife wanted to, then I went out to mine<br />before he started to fuck well with my tongue all over his white skinny bed<br />i wanted to suck, I bent down, spread my legs wide and his no more<br />i put the temperature in her glazed pussy again, how do I suck it round and round<br />i suck your little tongue as if it swallows then licks the ice cream of your pussy<br />with a long tongue stroke from the dibindne kenear to the top kosesi<br />how I sucked like I was licking ice cream, he was moaning, he was already titting my bottom at that moment<br />so slippery is that tight pussy of hers, my thick cock is right there<br />he would have taken it if I had smelled it and it would have been me, I would have swallowed it this time<br />with my tongue, I was going down from her back to her hips to her 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/>i couldn’t stop touching her lips and ass, I turned on the hot water and<br />let my hair flutter under the water and opsutuk think of mine again and his<br />we still dimmed the pile with the effect of surtunning the white tnein in its splendor<br />it was like I was a little tall and the room was almost mine<br />if I say that he is coming to his gohusler, I would be exaggerating a little between us<br />even though we hugged, I got up, my cock is in her skin, now I’m fine with her<br />he bought it because he often grabbed my upturned cock by the shoulders and held it<br />if you want your light weight, let’s let you order it, I said he bent down and what<br />as inexperienced as she is, no matter how sweet she sucked on every carpet with every suck<br />it was so sweet that I liked it so much that I almost boaled again and 10 min<br />for a very long time, he wanted to give her the right to suck<br />he sucked my tight and I stood up and took my kcuag and went straight to bed 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in my arms, there was light blood on the bed, but a lot