slm i’m an 18-year-old high school senior, I’m always with my gym teacher<br />I’ve always wanted to be in a relationship. my eye is always on her hips<br />has been. that’s why I’ve always been looking for an opportunity. one day after school<br />i was going to the bazaar because I had a job at the bazaar and the place where I was that day<br />it was Sunday and our teacher was going home with something. I always<br />even though I had a job because I was looking for an opportunity, I wanted to help and<br />finally, I got what I wanted, I got what I had, we went home 5 minutes later, home<br />when we arrived, he said to me, won’t you come inside? I said no first, but<br />and then I said, son, this opportunity will not be missed, either you fuck now or never, and<br />i went inside and asked if I could have a drink if I had something cold<br />i said I’d have a drink, and he came and got a glass of Coke, and while sipping the cokes, a<br />at the moment, my eye was caught by the photo album standing on the table, you can look<br />i asked if I could, and of course he replied by saying dear, without refusing at all. album<br />we started mixing it up when we got to the middle, just in her bikini<br />we looked at the picture he took, did he tell me it was very beautiful, and I’m great<br />i replied by saying and he said do you want to see me and I didn’t bang<br />when I asked him what he was like, he answered my body and of course I was<br />i started running my hand over her hips and she immediately responded by saying<br />she clung to my lips so that the sparks of the fire were lit, and kissing<br />we took off our clothes, she had a gorgeous body, just what I imagined<br />it seemed, and he took my dick in his hands, spat and began to jerk off<br />i was licking her breasts, stroking her thighs, fingering her pussy, that’s it<br />we continued this way for about ten minutes kissing your buttocks in the ass<br />i said I wanted to fuck and he turned to shove my dick in without any objection<br />i tried, but he didn’t come in, he’d never been fucked, I spat and shoved, and oh, because<br />he shouted, his shouting gave me a great pleasure and happiness, I was in it Juno<br />i had set the tide, I was going into it, my coming and going had accelerated, and<br />before long, I came out of it and Decanted on her face, which she took in her mouth with her hand<br />he swallowed all the sperm, my little one said stick it in my pussy, will I ever stop<br />i said my teacher, I immediately got into her pussy, I started fucking her fast and fast<br />i enjoyed the happiness and then I was stroking their breasts as they were fucked<br />their laughter increased and the room accelerated, I said let me flow in or out<br />now that you’re my husband, do what you want, she said, and I poured it in, and now<br />3 months pregnant sora we took a shower together and we fucked while taking a shower<br />continued my gym teacher her hips and gorgeous body have never<br />i can’t get out of my mind, he calls me to his house at every opportunity and for hours<br />we fuck now I have a wife too and we are very happy good readings


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