They preferred Muğla for the holiday. they rented a house for 1 week. So we weren’t staying at a hotel or anything. We would go everywhere and have fun on our own. My sister always thought and said that this holiday would be very difficult when there were children. They also had a little argument during the trip, but it wasn’t too big. The other detail that caught my attention was the way my uncle looked at me from the rear-view mirror Decently Decently from time to time. I preferred a mini skirt on the trip. I was comfortable that there were no strangers in the car, but when I noticed those looks, I took care of myself. And that day I was wearing a bra with red panties, as if in spite. I mean, when I looked for legs, I could tell that he saw my panties and from that moment on, he started looking even more eager. Dec. But I didn’t express this situation. I just made sure to keep my legs more closed, not to give a free kick. I also didn’t like my brother-in-law’s horny slight +18 I can’t say that the stories didn’t arouse the desire. One way or another, I was only 18 years old, and I didn’t really get out of adolescence.



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