I’m 37 years old, I’m an accountant, finding time from a busy work schedule<br />I went to Alanya for vacation this weekend.i was at the hotel this afternoon<br />my things in my room yerleştirdim.bi to take a shower and eat down<br />i landed.it wasn’t too crowded.I had a quiet weekend.this<br />I’m very glad about the situation.I was going to take three days off comfortably.the side table is also a<br />there were many families, but it was a quiet hotel.even though it’s early, after dinner<br />I went to my room.I was so tired I fell asleep watching TV.6am<br />I woke up and watched the beach for a while.then I decided to go to the sea<br />I’ve given.my goal is to sit by the sea for a while, then swim a little and go to the hotel<br />it was to come.i’m in my bikini.down the beach.there were no people.everything is complete<br />what i want gibiydi.bi I listened to the sound of the waves for a while.then the one on me<br />I took off the parody and left myself in the waters of the sea.it’s like the whole Mediterranean<br />me aitti.bi while I was swimming, when there was no one around, something funny came to my mind<br />He came.I was going to take off my bikini and swim completely naked.anyway, people<br />did not have.and I was a little open.i took off my bikini and put it on my arm.many<br />he was excited.it made me happy to be able to do something I wanted.later<br />I saw a man coming towards the sea.i realized late that the water<br />he was going.at that moment I panicked, I quickly put on the bottom of the bikini, I put it on, but the top<br />his side ran into the water.as I was about to take it, the wave pushed it away from me.to catch<br />i tried so hard, but I couldn’t keep up.that’s when the guy realized.many<br />I was embarrassed, but there was nothing to do.he swam quickly and caught me<br />he brought.I thanked him, but I was also very angry.immediately put me on<br />I got out of the sea and went quickly to the hotel. to eat towards evening<br />he was there when I went down to the lobby.looks like we’re staying at the same hotel.me<br />when he saw it, he saluted.I had to say hello out of politeness.some<br />I sat down at the table next to him.after a while, the man got up and went to my table<br />He came.he said let’s meet if you want.i couldn’t say anything.he sat.his name is ali<br />he was an accountant, and that was too much of a coincidence.<br /><br />After we had breakfast together, I asked for permission and went to my room.afternoon<br />then the company called. Very quickly the company’s annual balance sheet<br />they asked me to prepare the table, immediately turn on my computer and work<br />I set.whatever I did in the table breakdown, I didn’t notice the account in a hurry<br />his incongruity was becoming apparent.at that moment, ali came to my mind that my time was limited.<br />I called the reception and found out his room number.I opened the phone<br />he was sleeping, I mentioned the problem with the program, please help<br />I said yes and went to my room.i don’t have much time left dedim.bi five minutes<br />then he was at the door of my room.i immediately opened the door.ali bey briefly from the question<br />when I was talking about it, I noticed that his eyes were looking at my breasts very much at that moment<br />I am ashamed.I wasn’t wearing a bottom bra.this was the second time I caught him.<br />You put the computer on your lap and examine it, I’m coming now<br />I said.I immediately went to the other room to put on the laundry.i take the bra from behind<br />I was trying to put it on when I suddenly turned around and Mr. Ali was standing in front of me. this<br />it was my third arrest.he said the issue had been resolved.somewhere wrong<br />i made a calculation.i was still trying to plug it in to which address will you send it to<br />said.the computer was in his hand when he pushed the bed sheet and put it on<br />my red thong was left there, it fell to the ground.i quickly bent down and tried to pick it up, but<br />at that time, Mr. Ali was trying to pick it up from the ground.in front of the man<br />I was standing in a bra and my thong in her hand.bereave<br />istedim.vermedi.bi he said he would give it on condition.I was just looking for.I’ve never even met<br />how did I get into this situation with a man.I’d like to see on it<br />said.I was at a loss at that moment what to say.without answering the balance sheet to the company<br />I sent.i turned off the computer.ali was watching me with my thong in his hand.come on<br />now, he said.he said you owe me this.if I hadn’t helped you, your vacation<br />he was going to be interrupted.I agreed only on the condition that I put it on and take it off.on top of it like this<br />he said to keep it. I went to the bathroom and put the thong on.how am I going to get out like this<br />while he was thinking, Ali opened the bathroom door and walked in.<br /><br />I was in front of ali brain with my red thong.suddenly you hold me<br />took.we were in the bathtub.he said it looked great.juice açtı.bi let’s see de wet<br />said.for some reason I couldn’t make my voice out.ali took off his clothes.with his copper<br />there he was.we were both getting wet.head to the shower and get on the thong<br />he began to hold.then she took off my bra.he started caressing my breasts.this<br />next, my eyes were caught in the mirror of the forehead.his penis is out of his laundry<br />it was noticeable.I could hardly keep myself from touching it.he is my breasts<br />he was kissing, running his hand over my thong.then to kiss my lips<br />started.he then kissed my neck and breasts.i couldn’t stand it at that moment all of a sudden<br />I bent down and put the copper down.i took his penis in my mouth.sucking my tongue<br />i was touching it.I felt his penis getting bigger and bigger.semsert olmuştu.su<br />it was still flowing, dripping water from the tip of the penis as I pulled it out of my mouth<br />went crazy on me.we were both up now.bend over my thong<br />pulled out.he wrapped the end of my leg around his waist.his penis into my vagina<br />it was worth it.he was running it over, but he wasn’t sending it in.and then suddenly me<br />he pulled himself up, his entire penis was inside my vagina.that moment is so strong<br />I was screaming when my room phone rang after a while.commute<br />i opened it.from the reception to make sure I’m okay arıyorlardı.bi scream<br />they heard.I said I turned the TV up too much.I turned it off.aliye come to the room<br />I said.I was curled up on the bed when he came in.Ali<br />he came closer to me, stroking his cock in a crazy way.wetting<br />when he saw my pussy, he touched it first.then put it in a little bit and<br />he sped on, stinging a little more and a little more.meanwhile his cock<br />the tune of a date with my vagina had started playing.crashing sound screed screed<br />he was interfering with my screams.just at this time, with quick entries, the flame<br />his cock exploded inside me.i had an orgasm at the same time.this spectacular<br />it was.every time I go on vacation, I will remember this event…


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