Sister-in-law, “Oh, uncle, I’m sorry, I had to knock on the door, I didn’t even think about the excitement that you would be wearing a swimsuit in the middle of the room …” she apologized. “It’s nothing, dear. I’m sorry about you. As you said, the mistake is to change the swimsuit in the middle of the room, the property is on the square …” When he said, the sister-in-law laughed with laughter, “Yes, uncle, you need to declare the property!” he made jokes. When I heard this, I forcibly took my eyes off her hips and looked at her face in amazement. He was both talking and looking at me with his head turned away. He knew I was watching his hips. I’d be pissed. The sister-in-law pointed to the bump that bulged the front of my swimsuit with her fattened eyes and laughed, “Uncle, if you continue to look at me like this, your property will increase well, according to her!" said. We arrived at the children’s pool before we could answer the sister-in-law…



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