I have an incident with you that happened to me during my military service in 2001<br />i wanted to share. I had 5 months left on my permit while I was doing military service in Adana.<br />Since I am married, I have never been with the beautiful girls of Adana until then<br />I wasn’t interested in. One evening friends are with a girl in a phone booth<br />they talk, but the girl insults them. I couldn’t resist and bought<br />i put the phone in my hand, we started talking to the girl. The girl must have been impressed by my voice<br />which we talk about very calmly. And as the conversation dragged on<br />the intimacy increased and we decided to meet. I made an appointment for the weekend. And<br />finally, the weekend came and we met with the girl. The girl has a very nice name, I laugh<br />she is 18 years old, about 1.75-76 tall, auburn with green eyes and a very strong body<br />she’s a decent girl. Of course, we have a certain intention in the girl, half an hour has passed Decently<br />my hand is on your girl’s tits, and she’s stroking my dick. After 40 years<br />we started making love like friends. The girl is very horny while I stroke 3-4 mail<br />gone, of course, we immediately retreated to a secluded orange grove in the understanding<br />the girl started saxoya, but it’s not like mine will be satisfied with saxoya, her cunt<br />the waters are flowing. As I licked her pussy, we both went crazy<br />My smile is begging come on now stick me M….. just in case you get stung. Me too<br />i couldn’t take it anymore and I put my dick Decently between the lips of that juicy cunt<br />i put it in, and it’s already sliding out of the water like a soggy piston into it<br />before 2-3 minutes had passed, I took out my dick when I was about to Decant and<br />my rose took it in her mouth and sucked my dick so well that I couldn’t take it anymore<br />and I cum. He licked my cum well and swallowed it. chat for about 5-10 minutes<br />we did, but my mind is still on that beautiful pussy, of course, my smile is on my mind right now<br />we switched positions. I put my rose against the tree and wrapped it all up<br />she was standing in front of me with her splendor, rubbing my dick thoroughly with her dripping pussy juices<br />i made it slippery. I put my dick in your ass hole, but my smile’s ass is never<br />she’s not fucked, but she’s almost begging you to fuck me M… so that you can fuck me in the ass too<br />of course, I’m going crazy, too. Rubbing my dick thoroughly into the waters of her cunt<br />i made it slippery and started to slowly get fucked in the ass, but the tight ass<br />it’s not so easy to enter. My smile immediately took my cock in her mouth and thoroughly<br />he made it soggy by spitting and then I licked his ass bi nice and<br />i put my finger in your ass slowly it was a little hard at first but<br />as it got slippery, he began to relax and enjoy it. What if I laugh<br />i can’t take it anymore, she started begging me to stick your dick in my dick<br />i held it and slowly Decked out, the head of my dick went into the ass, by the way<br />i was afraid that someone would hear my smile’s screams mixed with pain, but I also<br />I was enjoying it very much, and this pleasure was suppressing this fear. Slowly<br />i stuck my dick up to the root by doing it back and forth, and now it becomes obvious<br />I started to get in and out easily. By the way, I laugh Decently 2 more times<br />he ejaculated and I couldn’t take it anymore, and I fell into it with great lust<br />i ejaculated. The waters of your cunt from the legs of my rose, and I fertilize from your guts<br />it was flowing. And my smile immediately put a kiss on the top of my dick and<br />we started kissing. That day I went to the 3 post office until the evening, and I laughed<br />she doesn’t remember how many times she had an orgasm. It’s hard for us to leave each other that day<br />it happened, but because I was a soldier, I had to return to my unit. O<br />I was looking forward to weekends after the day. With my smile every week<br />we were meeting up and fucking like crazy. This is 5 months until my military service is over<br />it went on throughout. If I can find the time to fuck my smile at sea, sister<br />i’ll tell you another time how we fucked with a friend together.


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