During my stay in America, I constantly went to strip clubs.But<br />the clubs i usually go to are called cowgirls with maxi mounds like busty dusty<br />there are girls with abnormally large silicone breasts, such as<br />they would eat.I was going very often, but one day I couldn’t stand it, and just watching<br />I realized I couldn’t be content. I went to a quality club.Cheap as it enters<br />i caught the eye of a super girl, or rather, those incredible tits.His<br />i watched his amazing show and when it was over, I met with the club’s officials<br />I talked to him.I think I’m worth $500 and a chance to have a girl for one night<br />I was able to access.The authorities said I could take the girl in an hour, this is<br />I sat on it for another hour and watched the shows.I was really horny.One<br />I didn’t know how the clock was ticking.Suddenly someone at the table I was sitting at<br />it came nearer,and the moment I raised my head I would have fainted with excitement.O<br />he was next to me, tucked into a yellow outfit.The front of the outfit<br />her part was invitingly open and her breasts touching each other<br />he was showing it.Underneath was a tight mini skirt.Yellow heels<br />her shoes were not enough to make her as tall as mine.Yellow,slightly elongated<br />she had hair,and the heavy makeup on her face was incredible to her<br />it was fitting.And in her ears there were large hoop earrings, and when she walked<br />he was rocking.Was smiling at me.He sat down at the table and gave her a drink<br />i ordered it.I couldn’t take my eyes off her breasts.OFF IT’S UP<br />THEY were BIG.We had a little chat and then we left.Into her car<br />I asked him where we were going to have fun.i said at home.From Excitement<br />i didn’t even notice how fast I was driving, he warned me and very<br />he said we had time.we arrived home after 10 minutes.The door is an incredible<br />I opened it with feeling and invited him inside and closed it.Here was the moment I had been waiting for<br />I was alone with him in my house. He sat on the couch and sat next to me<br />he suggested starting the event by dancing for me.I accept whatever he says<br />I was in a position to.She started dancing.He was dancing super.Her tits are constantly<br />he was pointing straight at me.At last his hand went to his clothes.Slowly<br />he began to lower his sling.I had already set up a tent.Pulled out the outfit<br />and she had that big bra on.She came up to me and put her bra strap<br />he made me take it off.He really knew this job well.And the other hanger<br />he took it out and grabbed it by the straps that had come out and wrapped it around her breasts.I<br />I had already exceeded the limit of endurance.Then she threw the bra, threw it, and she<br />he was exposed.The queue came to the bottom.She made me unzip her skirt and<br />he bent down with his face turned to me and took off his thong.Completely in front of me<br />he was naked.I was mad with pleasure.The dance was over.He approached me and<br />he started unbuttoning my shirt.While her tits are in my face<br />he held on.It was time for my pants.He carefully unzipped my zipper and<br />he pulled my pants off.Mine was already out of my boxer.Boxers<br />she got out.Then she started kissing my dick with her red lipsticked lips<br />he slowly took it into his mouth, starting from the tip.Such such a lick<br />it wasn’t.After licking my assholes, he took my organ in his hand and that big<br />she began to walk around on her tits.What do I do from pleasure<br />I was surprised.After moving her tits all over the place, that moment came<br />he placed my organ between her breasts and squeezed her breasts Decently with his hands<br />and kissing and licking the part of my dick that comes out from between her tits Decently<br />started.At the end of this incident, I exploded in her mouth and breasts.Then I<br />and I got up from the couch and I started kissing her, while I had one hand on her tits<br />my other hand was grabbing his ass.we kissed well.Then I sat on the couch<br />he also carefully sat on top of me.My dick in that wonderful ass<br />i planted it.She was moving her ass in a great way and<br />mine kept playing inside him.Meanwhile her tits are in my mouth<br />was inside.They were really big.One with my hands in her ass<br />i was holding her breasts in my mouth.Their moans,their screams make me<br />he was thoroughly provoking.Then I laid him on the couch.Hands on your tits<br />he gathered it under him and began to wait for me.I fucked her and went<br />I started coming, and he was crazy with pleasure.Big tits leaps<br />the sexy hoop earrings in her ears make me horny<br />he was rocking.I finally fucked up and lay on top of him.My Face<br />it was in her breasts again.Then I sat him down on the couch and got up and<br />i put my dick between her tits and started fucking her tits Decently.O<br />he was gripping her breasts tightly.That’s over, too, and I lay down on the couch, and he also<br />he got on top of me, put it in his ass, and then he lay on top of me.Her tits in my mouth<br />he had placed it.We stood like this for a long time.And then up his ass over him<br />I hit a good one, and I was grabbing her tits at the time.A little with her tits<br />after playing more, I’m tired now.IN A WORD, WAS AMAZING.<br />America is really a great country.


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