Juelz Ventura – I want wild sex on the yacht deck


i am ist esen I want to tell you about the incident that happened to me. my brother’s friend<br />i’ve had a little relationship with Ismail before, but we’ve never spent a day together<br />cikmiyor my mind.my brother’s friends, I’m his girlfriend, a total of a few people<br />we went to the fork for a picnic.my brother hülya me and iso from the group called gezicez<br />We got separated.my brother and Hülya left us while we were visiting the caves in our cave.us<br />we followed them, iso didn’t want this, but we did it. sitting at the foot of a tree<br />they started kissing.my brother is slowly pulling the buttons of the shirt of the dream loose bra<br />he lifted her up and plunged into the Decoy’s breasts, while I was under my skirt<br />i was caressing myself when i got to the bathroom, he lifted his dick over his pontoon<br />she was stroking his dick.when hülya takes my brother’s dick in her mouth and starts licking it, isoda<br />he was stroking my pussy from under my skirt.when my brother takes the dream on his lap and bounces<br />hülya isouy saw him pause for a while and continued with my brother’s Decency.we are from there<br />we walked away and returned to the caves again.iso stuck me against a wall in a deserted place<br />he took off my T-shirt and my underwear at the same time and started licking his belt<br />i was loosening up and stroking your dick from the copper when I saw a friend from our group in the room<br />he was watching us.i tried to pack right away, but iso wouldn’t let me, so I<br />i wanted to cum with his finger, but I ran away.i wasn’t a virgin but he made me a virgin<br />he thought he wanted to fuck my ass a few times, but I wouldn’t let him.iso is very to me<br />he was angry.we haven’t seen each other for 1 2 days, one day I was looking at my brother’s porn magazines without isos<br />I realized that he wouldn’t be, because he was my best confidant.i immediately went to the Ishmaels’ house<br />his mother opened the door, I called him outside, and when he came, he was a little in front of the door<br />we talked and I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the garage she didn’t want to come but the room is without me<br />he could not do.after having some sex on the car, she opened her grandmother’s key<br />i asked him to buy it and we went to that house.he asked me to get in the shower right away when he said lunch<br />i thought he was coming, but he didn’t come, I realized that he was spying on me through the hole in the door<br />i did.i started stroking and fingering myself so that it would get horny, but it’s too much for me<br />he’ll be angry that he didn’t come, i came out after i came, i sent him this time, I<br />i started spying on him, it wasn’t like it was going to happen, i immediately barged in on me<br />i threw the towel and went under the water, put a little kiss on your lip and your dick<br />i started licking his dick and when he got up well, i fucked him in front of him because all he wanted was me<br />it was my ass.she stroked his dick and tried to hide it, but it didn’t work, I took away half of the cream<br />he emptied it. one finger meant two and three, and pain and pleasure were both together……….. Decadent………..<br />let me cream your dick, it was loaded at once.it hurt so much, but to go back and forth<br />it had started, it was empty.from the narrowness of my ass’s story, he said he took it in my mouth again<br />I picked it up and rolled in front of him again.he creamed his dick to get it in my ass again<br />while loading it, it slipped and got into my pussy. ishmael also learned the only secret he didn’t know.<br />he started coming and going quickly before I followed him to my hips<br />he ejaculated because pregnancy would be the biggest problem. that you want to cum inside me<br />he said we went to the bedroom, he creamed my ass and his dick again and plunged into me, my dear<br />it still burned, but a little later, when the pleasure reached its peaks, there was no pain left.o<br />day me and iso were together for two hours but I suffered because 3 days of my ass<br />I couldn’t sit on it properly.i can’t forget this day anyway, our business with iso<br />it’s been more enjoyable after this day, so byee another time