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hello, literate writers, I am a young girl at the age of 16, extend the word more<br />i don't want last summer i was home alone the teenager in our neighborhood is more than 17<br />he was in his old age,...

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Hello all story readers, the real memories that have passed through my head and<br />i am happy to share my experiences with you again, 183 height 79 kilo long<br />i am a tall brunette handsome young man,...

His colleague’s wife comes to his house while his friend is at work and fucks his wife badly.

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the story that happened to me happened like this.my sister-in-law is normal at the age of 28<br />she is a housewife with a body.anyway, our story is that one day my uncle is due to work<br />he had to go ...

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- Hi, I'm Cem, welcome, you are the wife of Musharraf in any case.<br />- E.,. yes As if the reason for my pause was his sincere speech to my wife<br />I am a foreigner and he is the husband of Musharraf. ...

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6 people all settled in the apartment together, we are all extremely cheerful and enthusiastic<br />we were full. We settled down and went down to the bazaar to shop. Lots of laughter<br />and after a fun ...

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He was leaning my face against the car, lifting my mini skirt and rubbing his hard cock behind my soft buttocks. He was putting kisses on my neck, shaking my breasts. Although I tried to push at first, he was so stron...

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I packed a small suitcase. The time we were going to spend with hepitope was about 1 week. When they were both working hard, the most they could get was this much time off. I was seeing my brother and sister face to f...

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Greetings after three days in the office where I just started, the boss took me. They were always putting it on me because I liked the cleavage, but I didn't let them. Many times I was angry, I shouted, but how far wa...

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We started driving and touring the Sunday market. Seline said“ "Yes, my daughter, you will learn this business!" I was saying, stroking her hair, kissing her neck. Selin was sitting up and Decently rubbing m...

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When my wife returned, we never told her about our work. I was looking forward to the next day. When my wife went to the course, Selin again said, “Come on, Dad, let's go out, I'm ready!" said. Selinin busefer wa...

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The next day, when my wife left the house to go to driving school, Selin immediately said, “Come on, Dad, let's go too!" said. We were wearing shorts and a T-shirt. When I took the wallet and the car key, I took ...

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I've been with every man I've ever wanted until I was this age. Even though I wasn't together, I ran behind me. At the university, teachers, students and security guards could not take their eyes off me. My looks, my ...

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His skilful hand quickly made him really tough. “Do you mind if I blow you while I'm driving? "I could only shake my head, because I was speechless. Maybe I should pick up hitchhikers more often? What have I miss...

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Then he leaned back in his chair and sighed comfortably. Okay, I thought, if you like it, why not. For a while we drove through the night again in silence. “Do you mind if I indulge myself a little while while I'm dri...

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For example, I wanted to buy a house like I mentioned a short time ago. At one point I saw a place that was still under construction, I wanted to come in and ask how much it cost. Dec. When I entered the building that...

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However, when I look at the opportunity, I already provide myself with the necessary environment in my own home. For example, sometimes my friends will come to me and we drink alcohol, besides, we get drunk while list...

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He watched me as I watched him, and his eyes went back and forth from bottom to top with delight for a moment. Suddenly, boiling water poured down my head. I completely forgot that I was naked while watching the sexy ...

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