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The young woman had just left the bathroom when the doorbell rang. The door<br />when she asked who he was before opening it, the response she received from her husband<br />with the excitement that a good news has arrived, invite the man at the door in<br />he did. The towel she wrapped around her head and the pinkness of her skin that formed after bathing,<br />treacherously handled the privacy moments of her nudity in the bathroom just now<br />he was giving.While the man enters, he looks at the woman’s attractive body with a gulp and<br />the woman who walks towards the living room with her head bowed with a shy attitude<br />he followed.The woman’s husband who dreams of emigrating to America<br />As a waiter on luxury ships operating tourist passenger flights in the Caribbean<br />it had been a little over two years since I started the job. During this time<br />the man who can only come on leave twice is satisfied with the job he is working<br />To give up his plans to settle in America, too much about life<br />the woman, who did not have enough vision to think, also accepted,<br />although she is separated from her husband, she lives with the money he sends<br />he was continuing to carry on. But these sent coins are life<br />the level at which they plan to raise their standards is somehow<br />we couldn’t get to. Sibel, who meets her husband’s condition with maturity, is hard on him<br />he tries to give the necessary support in the moments when he stays, sometimes even with a<br />he had to be selfless.Recep, the letter he took out of his pocket<br />put your eyes down to avoid looking at the woman’s green eyes while handing her to the woman<br />he sewed it. Sibel, who read the letter from her husband in one breath, received a<br />he owes the amount of money to the Rajab who will give it to him, and this is<br />that the debt contains a considerable amount, the night he was in Istanbul<br />that you can stay in them and come from your hand to please the man<br />after reading the lines stating that he believed that he would, he remembered, but<br />by turning to Rajab in an air as if he is not satisfied with the situation, he is hungry and<br />he asked if it wasn’t. The man said he was full and took the envelope out of his pocket<br />after giving it to the woman, she opened her suitcase and put a small<br />he held out a package and said, This is a humble gift for you. Sibel<br />he took this gift that burned his hand by reaching out with trembling hands and his face<br />after blushing out of embarrassment and thanking the man, if he is tired, immediately<br />he said he could go to bed. When Recep’s face blushes just like Sibel, bother<br />if not, after saying that it’s a good idea, go to the bedroom<br />he walked right behind the woman who was guiding him. Bedroom<br />the woman who walked in front of him with great hunger as he entered the door<br />he was thinning his round hips. The wedding on the makeup table<br />the presence of his pictures seems to have taken the woman’s peace of mind, the pictures are reversed<br />the guest man who understands his translation is standing while waiting for the woman,<br />Sibel made the bed by giving away the pajamas that seem to belong to her husband<br />lifting her veil, she left the room. Recep undressed and his pajamas<br />he knows that it’s too early to sleep when he gets into bed without clothes on,<br />under the covers in the hope that these troubled moments will end as soon as possible<br />he was curled up, waiting. About half an hour later in the dark room<br />he gasped while listening to the sounds made by the woman who entered quietly while undressing.<br />holding Recep, the woman lifted the quilt and put her presence in the bed<br />when he felt it, he turned and hugged the female’s naked body. Sibel has never<br />he lies still, as if waiting for the man to finish his work as soon as possible<br />it seemed. The blood flow in the veins of the woman’s warm skin<br />the naked body of his tooth, which he hugged with the courage given by his acceleration<br />when Recep, who reached out and turned on the light so that he could see, pulled the quilt over him<br />which he brought as a gift, the fullness of his womanhood<br />your transparent white panties, which generously show your lips, are arousing<br />while swallowing in a dazed state in front of the image of a woman with one hand<br />a big guy who sticks it in his panties and sticks together with his other hand<br />he reached for her breasts. The woman turned her head slightly to the side, to herself<br />the wall next door in the air as if it didn’t want to be an accomplice to what was being done<br />he was watching.Aliin is a bad guy who got into trouble when he was in Istanbul<br />he had a habit. Gamble. Many times because of this passion he could not give up<br />he got into debts that he couldn’t get out of, and finally one day<br />a bad guy who comes home with bills in his hand in exchange for debts<br />When Sibelle wanted to go to bed, Ali persuaded his wife with difficulty and started<br />he had saved this trouble, at least for that moment. But her husband’s debts have never<br />it doesn’t end and Sibel Alinin’s friends who work together on the ship are<br />he also had to pay his gambling debts as they came to Istanbul.<br />Just like it is right now.The man’s big hands squeezed rudely<br />sucking her breasts with great hunger and constantly sucking her resurrected cock<br />as a result of rubbing against her femininity, the young female’s longing to make love to her body<br />he started to react even though he didn’t want to. When a man presses a woman to his<br />to raise your hips in the air to feel the stiffness more<br />upon starting, Recep took off the woman’s panties in one pull and hurried<br />he Decamped between her legs. Of a thick spear that has become an ember<br />when you walk through your heated hole and feel yourself stuck deep inside<br />a young woman wraps her legs around the hips of the man on top of her into<br />she screamed hysterically, as if in revolt at the situation into which she had been put. Healthy<br />a man whose male hormones in his body go through the roof is like a horny bull<br />he has removed his hump, his narrow hips are constantly under the female<br />he was lowering and lifting Decently between the legs. Extremely surprising to the woman<br />with an incoming performance, he is in the same position for more than half an hour,<br />to go in and out of the female until their bodies are covered in sweat<br />continued. Sibel lived with men, including her husband, until that day<br />she had experienced very few orgasms in the experience. This is because it started<br />from the moment it was his need for the unification to last a long time. Her husband too<br />other men are also at a time far below the time she needs<br />the female in need of ejaculation because they ejaculate is usually satisfied<br />he would get out of bed before he could, and then he would writhe for hours. At the top<br />a young woman who seems to be drunk with the superior masculine power of a man is in his crotch<br />when the searing heat that is traveling rapidly turns into relentless explosions in the brain<br />hugging the man on top of her tightly, putting her nails on his back and zev<br />She started screaming. The enthusiastic reaction of the woman**the most affected<br />the male could not hold himself anymore and grabbed the female by the hips<br />while ejaculating inside, the couple who have never known each other become for the first time<br />They looked at each other with admiring glances. Minutes later their bodies<br />when they relax and release their nerves, they both giggle first and then<br />they began to laugh with laughter. Nerves that have been strained since the evening<br />he was so relaxed with the feelings of satisfaction they had achieved that he enjoyed<br />the couple hugged each other and congratulated each other with their hearty laughter<br />they were like. The man was the first to calm down. Your head on the man’s strong shoulder<br />full of love to the lips of the woman who is leaning, still giggling<br />when he gives a hot kiss, the woman stops laughing and gives the man the same way<br />he hit back.At the end of their passionate lovemaking that lasted until the morning<br />sticking their tired bodies together, the first lights of the new day are their<br />while starting to write unexpected scenarios about their future, a deep and<br />they fell into a happy sleep