Yeah, let me get on with it.we sat down at the table and had breakfast together, derya<br />and.then leave the cups of tea and the table kaldırdı.tv yi opened up on the couch<br />we sat down and started drinking pleasure tea.while sipping our tea, chat to the theme<br />and we started to worry.are you satisfied with me your wife pleases you<br />edebiliyorm it?don’t be angry at my question, brother, I’m a complete ordeal in this regard<br />he said he was pulling out.that I am not angry and that my wife pleases me<br />I’ve told.obviously, brother, I’m always listening to you, you both enjoy 2 days of mistakes<br />you’re alive, I wake up, I make love to you, but that’s the job<br />when it comes to abs on me i can’t breathe if I get on it that it’s overweight<br />he’s running out of breath for you see, we can’t bring the end to a kind of<br />said.then the empty teapot with the empty cups left in the kitchen<br />took it.he came to me, brother, I’m very narrow, can I take off my head cover<br />said.I said it could be. she took off her hijab and scattered her hair out of her shirt 2<br />he opened the button, took off his socks, of course, while reaching for his socks<br />I haven’t looked.I’m sorry, brother, I’m very narrow, he said.i said let it eye<br />he got stuck on my legs, it was obvious that his legs were hairy, but hair removal<br />he never made it.then she began to sob and sob.what happens aglamayain<br />i can’t stand the ladies crying let me do it, brother, I can’t stand it<br />he said, what is my ordeal?i put my hand on his shoulder and approached him and okay<br />i said don’t cry and I was buried in your lips, he pulled his mouth and my brother<br />he said I need it, but you don’t have it.i went on without paying attention and<br />I handed it to the couch, stripped naked.insanely her lips her ears<br />i was licking and sucking her breasts.then I took off my dick<br />I gave her mouth.he was almost eating my dick with the longing of the years. then her cunt<br />i licked her legs and all over her.the order of the last blow gelmişti…ne until<br />if I make love, I don’t cum half satten early.anyway, first of all<br />i moved my 17 cm but quite thick dick around a little in your pussy<br />come on, brother, come on in now and my new husband you old uye wail<br />had soon as I entered, I rooted my pussy and went to and fro quickly<br />I started.ahhh ohh sounds and moans were covering the room and even the house tv<br />we opened the sound until the end.fuck exactly 5 times until the evening<br />i ejaculated and we had sex like deiler.then what if you get pregnant when I say<br />he had left the brother now.husband, I’m getting a shot, don’t be afraid I won’t get pregnant<br />not possible at night for 10 days until her husband arrives<br />we had crazy sex until the the following days, the work of fantasy<br />i’ll write when we spill


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