We settled in a nice hotel. I’m 58 and she’s 47. The holiday is beautiful<br />the sea was passing, and the Istanbulite was getting all tired. Our sex life<br />although it wasn’t very colorful, I could do it once in a while. Dec. But with the effect of the holiday<br />we were better off. Esim is a bulk lady with a height of 179 and a weight of 85 kg.<br />Her hips and legs, on the other hand, are wonderful and in harmony. Back to the beach that day<br />we landed, there were 3 more young people near us. I think they were between Dec. 18 and 20.<br />I immediately went to sea. The water was great and I called my wife after swimming together<br />then we went. When we got back, when we realized that we forgot the sunscreen,<br />I went back to the hotel to get it. And when I came, my wife was lying down in her teens<br />my wife’s legs lying face down about 3 meters below her legs<br />and they were looking between the legs. Dec. I suddenly got extremely angry and headed there<br />there was a stir in me while walking, my wife’s sexiness turned them on<br />they must have been looking. and empty, thinking that there will be nothing to look at<br />verdim.ve I went to my wife and applied the sun oil to her. and next to<br />I lay. The young people were still looking at my wife’s legs and laughing..


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