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I congratulate you and I’m writing a memoir. Very happy if you publish<br />I will be. Greetings. There were two girls working in my section where I was the chief.<br />When the work intensified, another high school graduate named Sema, an 18-year-old girl<br />we have received. Sema was a very sexy, exquisite girl. But it’s also a little cool<br />he looked down at the other two girls and kept saying to me, "Ay buğun<br />you are very fucked, Mr. Cemal”, "By God, the whiteness in your sakaks is very much for you<br />it suits”, “Would you like a cup of tea, sir?" cringe and cringe with words like<br />he was making calculations on his own head for the position of deputy chief. Me too<br />I thought, "You’ll see soon. Let me take a chance on that honey peach<br />look how I fuck. Hold on, duuur.." by saying this oilman Sky<br />I was waiting for the opportunity to lay down and fuck. One day it was afternoon. Other<br />two girls came to me and said, “Cemal Bey aksama, a friend of ours is getting married.<br />If you allow us, we would like to go to the hairdresser,” they said. I also want these two girls<br />i took the afternoon off