I was 22 at the time. Again, like every morning, without even having breakfast<br />I threw myself on the street. The coastal road is filled with people going to work<br />it had begun. I took the tree-lined path to the right of his path. Like every day<br />I bought a bagel and sat down in the tea garden, where I was a regular. The Garden<br />uncle Asim, the owner, no longer let me drip here before the crows wake up<br />were used. He greeted me as he brought me a cup of tea.<br /><br />-Good morning, Kemal. You’re early again.<br /><br />-What shall we do. The troubles do not end…<br /><br />-Oh, boy. And you don’t tell anyone about this problem of yours…maybe if you tell someone<br />a solution is found.<br /><br />-Hang on, Uncle. You know me. Tell anyone. It’s already my problem<br />and there is no remedy.<br /><br />Uncle Asim must be used to this conversation that passes between us almost Decently every day<br />he just shook his head and continued to dust the tables. Oh Asim<br />If Uncle knew what my problem was…<br /><br />I cursed myself many times that I wanted such an ugly act<br />for. But the heart was not listening to the edict…<br /><br />My mother’s name was Meral. He was only 34 years old yet. Azure with blond hair<br />she was a woman with eyes. Her breasts were big. He had a dislocated butt.<br />He was of medium height. My father was a man with an eye out. That’s why my mom made him<br />she always dressed sexy and acted sexy to tie her up at home… but my mom’s<br />there was something he had forgotten. My father wasn’t the only man in the house. Its that sexy<br />his actions also seduced me. Especially those nights. Every night my Dad<br />he fucked my mother many times. My mother’s moans used to fill my room.<br /><br />My mother always wore feminine things. Lacy underwear,pompom ornament<br />the clothes that are…especially don’t they have those high-heeled slippers… I already have high-heeled slippers<br />or a woman who will pass out when she sees a woman wearing shoes<br />i was one. And when my favorite woman wears it, it’s almost under those heels<br />Oles what I meant. How many times have I wanted to fall at your feet and cry. My Love<br />to confess. To tell you that I only want to be together once…<br /><br />Towards evening I went home. My dad was here. Going out with mom<br />they were getting ready. Oh, my mother! How was she dressed like that…a blue skirt<br />blouse. Her tiny skirt is incapable of covering her shapely legs… Her back is completely<br />out. The cleavage is a separate realm. The straps of the dress are on the outside of her breasts<br />it’s coming off the edges. So the inner edges of your breasts are in front of your eyes.<br />When I look carefully, the nipples also appear…<br /><br />I took a breath from it. Oh, Mom, you were going to be my wife. You every<br />at night…When we were going out, my mother again put a hand on my cheek in her usual flirty way<br />Peck gave. ”We will dance with your father to-morrow," she said. Then he<br />she turned to my father with her flirtatious smile and said, "Actually, a few hours of dancing<br />after that, it will be better if we do something else until the morning<br />i think…" I needed masturbation. I couldn’t understand. Why is my mother always<br />was he talking so annoying? When they come out to the right bedrooms<br />I went. I opened the drawer where my mother put her dirty laundry. That<br />one of her squeaky lacy knickers was there. Too sacred for me<br />at that moment, I carefully picked up those panties in my hand… I sat down on the edge of the bed.<br />"Lucky garment," I said. “You are that holy one who is no different from a temple for me<br />you’re always with the organ…I wish I was in your place…" From your panties<br />I could smell my mother’s body odor. I lay down on the bed and put the pillow<br />i smelled it. What was my dad doing in this bed to my mom…when I think about it<br />i got angry. Mom, so that dad can satisfy his lust and not run out<br />he was almost forcibly fucking himself. I doubted that he loved my mother.<br />One day he didn’t say a nice word or give a gift…my mother<br />I was in love. I wanted to have sex with him. How sacred is this to me<br />if anything, it was just as ordinary for my father. He’s just satisfied<br />he was thinking.


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