Mature Man Licks Young Girl’s Toes And Cums On Her Feet


Hi, story-loving friends, we have read and listened to a lot of stories here<br />many of them were far-from-the-truth and ironclad stories about my story<br />you give karan<br /><br />I am now a 36-year-old gentleman, this incident happened to me 3 years ago in Thrace<br />i’m on duty and i’m married my marriage is going well apart from sexuality<br />i am a person who can be called insatiable as a sex person, sex is crazy and<br />i like to live to the fullest<br /><br />Anyway, let me tell you what happened to me without further ado<br /><br />i went to see a friend at the cafe, who was sitting at another table<br />i saw my friend, I went to them by invitation at a certain time<br />i left there after chatting, 2 days later a message arrived<br />in case you’d like to see him, even though I told him I was married<br />we started to negotiate on the insistence that at first a level and a normal<br />we had a meeting environment of 3 to my friend’s house to be comfortable on the date<br />my invitation went there, we had a little chat and the atmosphere warmed up after the conversation<br />our hands clasped each other uncontrollably<br />it started to roll as if we were quenching the thirst of years, not making love<br />as we continued, we undressed on one side, before I started oral sex, and then<br />it was as if we were eating each other up because he was single<br />I was hesitant, and when he realized my distress, he said it’s okay to continue.<br />and such a passionate and crazy sexual life as I have never experienced in my life<br />we lived together, I lived every aspect of sex with him 2-3 times a week<br />we met once and parted happily, and then some<br />there were problems and we broke up now I’m looking for him