When we finished our holiday in Germany and returned to Turkey, my sister-in-law never left my mind. For the past year, I have been thinking about what we went through in our short time together in Germany, developing what happened, fantasizing, writing scripts, and consoling myself with small momentary memories. Dec. When I was making love to my wife, I always closed my eyes and dreamed about my balsam. Fucking my wife, sister-in-law next to us, watching us and fuck us on the edge of the bed, his hand under her skirt in his underwear himself satisfied, couldn’t stand, you went upstairs, his naked body on the side of our bed squirm with pleasure, with her sister, shaking myself I’m holding, I’m drained, fuck my wife after orgasm, and I started to fuck my wife’s Sister, Sister-in-law’s sex thirsty, every wish is my desire responds with a dream, this dream is not as hard my cock with my wife, I was attacking.


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