We watched the children, they were merrily fluttering in the water. The sister-in-law said, “Come on, uncle, these are in good taste, let’s throw ourselves into the sea!" said. ”Let’s go, sister-in-law…" I said. “Well? What’s happened? Are you coming or what?" sister-in-law asked. He asked this question with his lips hanging down like a child. Those meatball lips were almost saying eat me, bite me. I smiled and said, “I’m coming, but you forgot to wear a swimsuit!"I said, showing the bottom of the tiny bikini that she was wearing that barely covered her cunt ass. He understood, he laughed with laughter. This girl’s laugh was sexy too. It was melting people inside. "Uncle Amaann!" he said laughing, he got on my arm and said, “This is the seaside, look at everyone naked!" he showed us around. It was true, there were only foreign tourists around, in swimsuits, bikinis, topless, in thongs. Height size, color color, variety of kinds…


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