When we were pushing the boundaries so much from the first day of our vacation, he got up from my sister in the evening, at night, and fucked me almost every day. Even though I said it would be the last time every time, I was looking forward to and desired every time you came. We never caught up with my sister while our summer vacation was going on like this. But if it cost, he would really understand! I’m starting to really appreciate what my brother-in-law is saying. I felt like he knew and I was ignoring him. Still, I didn’t have the courage to confirm it. I thought I’d never have sex stories with my uncle again after the holidays, but the fact that I won college from a very close place to them also made our relationship not end. He’s been giving me money all the time and making me feel like a bitch lately. When I realized that I couldn’t focus on my classes and started thinking about him every day, I decided to write and tell all this here. I am waiting for your comments, what do you think I should not do?


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