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Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ I am Emre 19 years old. a sex story I’ve been through<br />’re. My father is an agricultural engineer, so every 2 years the countryside<br />he works in agricultural credit cooperatives located in the field. Opium Again<br />he was assigned to a village and we went. In the fields since I was little<br />i work, I make my own allowance. Uncle Ali, our neighbor, is very rich<br />he is a man and has no children, and later married a young woman and 1<br />the boy became. His wife’s name is Gulzade, she is 2 years older than me. In front<br />we were very friendly working at their jobs and trying to get into their homes<br />I started. Gulzade 1.70 Decency height average 65 70 kg between brunettes a lot<br />a woman with a beautiful vicudu. Already all the young people of the village are sick of him :)<br />I’ve been too long, I’m getting to the point. One day there was work in the field, and Uncle ben Ali<br />We went to Gulzade, it was a very hot day. We started to work after a while, uncle Ali<br />he got a phone call and had to leave because he trusted me and us<br />he left and went to see his work. Until then, laugh with that eye<br />I didn’t look, but I thought of a wolf. To get some rest, bi<br />we sat under the tree while we were having a conversation, deliberately talking about sex e<br />i brought it. Because he got used to me a little bit, now that Uncle Ali is a child<br />and then you don’t take much care of him, or even sometimes you can’t work, or something like that<br />he told me. Maybe luck was smiling at me because I was not from the village and 3 months<br />then we were going to leave. I moved a little closer and put my hand on his leg<br />i put it in, I talked about it as if I could help.Breathing or something<br />he changed, I am an attractive man with 1.88 height, 85 kg muscles. A little more<br />as we talked, I was going further, but he wasn’t calling, he obviously liked the room<br />he was leaving. I held his hand and when he said we were going, he didn’t even ask where.<br />there was an old water spring next to the stream, and I took him there. First<br />in case they see you on the floor we went up to the floor and direkman on those burning lips<br />i stuck. He just stood there without any reaction, he didn’t even know how to kiss.<br />i took off my clothes, I laid him down, I laid him down, but tir tir<br />she was trembling. So there I her tits topless<br />i’ve been with a girl, I’ve never seen such a smooth and hard chest. Dived In<br />he had never tasted badozing licking, he was pressing them on my obvious head.<br />i came up to your panties by kissing slowly. This place is called a shalwar kameez<br />they are wearing underpants a little baggy and long. i took him out, he had a flat weight<br />turquoise color ๐Ÿ™‚ I took it out, I went in between, don’t do it to lick or something Decently<br />he started to say, I didn’t listen, of course, now we’ve come all the way there. I<br />when he started licking and continued a little more, his voice stopped breathing, but he was very<br />she had a beautiful pussy, immaculate as a leaf, soaked like crazy. Pantaloons<br />when I stepped up to take it off, he immediately took off the belt and lowered the pants a little<br />elne took my dick and looked at me like she was coming in right away. He attracted me to himself<br />my dick came to the lips of her cunt but it was too tight I have a thick dick 18 cm slow<br />when I was about to enter slowly, he pulled me to him with his arms, his eyes were closed<br />he couldn’t look at my face, and when he said slowly, I suddenly started speeding up<br />he was shaking, he was moaning like crazy, I came out from under him right away<br />i stuck to licking her pussy while she was begging you to get in, officially reversing her<br />i turned her over, I put clothes under her pussy, her ass was in front of me like a plate<br />but he wouldn’t fuck her ass when she had a pussy, I reached behind her and got into it thoroughly<br />i wrapped her up and fucked her like crazy in a compressed position for close to 15 minutes<br />then I came trembling, trembling, but gulzade did not exaggerate 4 5 times<br />has been discharged. we packed up, went to the field, finished our work and returned. how<br />if she’s mad, now we fuck 3 4 times every night in the haystack, her husband’s soul<br />he doesn’t hear ๐Ÿ™‚ )