Hi. I want to convey to you an exciting event that I experienced.<br />I was a college freshman.I haven’t seen any other city other than Ankara yet<br />and I was especially curious about Istanbul. That summer with my friend Ali<br />We decided to go to Istanbul. With the allowances we receive from our families<br />we were on our way.It was the Bosphorus, the palaces, the museums, we visited a lot. Finally the money<br />we realized that we were exhausted.Ali asked his family for money again. As for the money<br />he said he wanted to return to Ankara. And I see my friend Okta<br />I told him I wanted to stay a few more days. Then Ali<br />he gave me some of the money he had and he returned to Ankara.Oktayi<br />i called by phone and decided to meet in a park entered with money<br />we have given.With some difficulty, I found the park and went in and started waiting for the Octave.<br />When Oktay came, we sat down on a bench and chatted about the old days<br />we started.My friend is extremely sociable, likes to try everything,<br />he was a drug and drug addict.During our conversation, the topic<br />it came to drugs. I have never seen marijuana for him to this day.<br />I asked him what it was like and he took it out of his pocket and gave it to me. Wrapped in gelatin<br />it was something that looked like coffee-colored animal droppings. I eagerly<br />while looking at the Decoy, Oktay shouted at the police. I’m also needy<br />i put the marijuana in my pocket. We kept talking. 1-2 minutes have not passed<br />a woman appeared next to us and told me that my son, my dear fahrettinim<br />he started hugging. I am not fahrettin. If I said my name is Coskun to the woman<br />somehow I couldn’t. The more I insist otherwise, the more the woman gets angry and<br />he was saying he was going to call the police. At that moment, I thought of the money in my pocket. If<br />if I go to the police station and they search there, they will see the marijuana. That I smoked marijuana<br />they’ll even think I’m selling and I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell my problem<br />I started. Okay, I said to the woman, let’s go home now. At home, anyway, his mind<br />I was hoping there was someone in charge. We took a taxi from a long journey<br />then we came to a neighborhood , I had never seen this neighborhood.<br />We landed from the cab.A very luxurious one with a glass entrance in front<br />we went inside the apartment. We got in the elevator. We got off when it stopped. A door<br />he stole the woman. when the door opened, she was extremely beautifully dressed and quite beautiful.<br />the woman opened the door.Where were you all this time when she saw me. Human 1<br />he leaves his wife every week and goes to complain about what kind of man you are<br />she began to be found ( it turned out that she was my wife ). Because we’re burned now<br />I thought.The house was so luxuriously furnished that walking on the carpet<br />my feet were almost buried in the carpet. With antiques all over the place<br />it was stuffed, decorated with flowers.Look at me again, ma’am, my name is<br />i live in coşkun ankara. I have no relationship with Fahrettin, it’s wrong<br />I said you think he’s the guy, but I couldn’t tell him.In the meantime, she will be my mother Dec<br />the woman called a place on the phone. After a while, the door was knocked and a<br />the man entered. Where were you the whole time when you saw me. Did you rub it well<br />said. To tell him that I am enthusiastic, that I am not Fahrettin<br />I tried, but it was no use again.The one who was my father is the bridge to this day<br />you slept under me, you got up. He said how bad you smell, go wash it.<br />Bilmiyorumki the location of the bathroom but I could go wash up. Anyway, our lady fell forward<br />he took me to the bathroom. Towels, etc. gave. He tried to kiss me, but in the evening<br />he survived. The bathroom was so luxurious that it was cold with hot water for a long time<br />I couldn’t arrange the water. I’ve never seen a bathroom like this. Poor me<br />I’m the child of the family. I’ve never washed in the bathroom. Promotion from basin to bathtub<br />to this I guess.The whole place was filled with scented soaps and perfumes.Anyway<br />i hardly washed up, I got out. I wore the new clothes they gave me. Food<br />we ate. The reverend and I drank red wine. (How modern they are<br />you can see).After watching a little TV, always foreign channels<br />they were watching. We decided to go to bed and retreated to our Rooms. By the way Dec<br />my mind is running away from the idea. but I can’t throw it anywhere in marijuana. at least<br />I can sell and go back to Ankara because I think I have very little money. Bed<br />the first thing I did when I entered his room was to open the window and look down. Bed Sheets<br />I was calculating that I would cut it into strips, combine it and run away from home. But<br />looking down from the window 4.that we are on the floor and that it is impossible<br />I saw.By the way, while I was looking around the room, I saw a picture Decked out with my wife<br />and I realized that they were right to think that I was Fahrettin. Because<br />he looked like me as much as a speck of water. Anyway, we went to bed. My wife is long<br />torn by the desire of not having had sex for a long time<br />he started taking my clothes off.She put my dick in her mouth and started sucking insanely<br />started. There were four corners of pleasure, I was almost flying. By my heels<br />start kissing inch by inch up to your lips with my hand on one side<br />I started stroking it. When I walk my hand on the edge of your pussy<br />i was trying to stick 2 fingers in her pussy and stimulate her clitoris.After 69<br />taking the position to suck her pussy, to enter deep into her pussy with my tongue<br />I started.The more I suck, the more he moans inside, to this day me<br />he was angry about why you left him without you.I don’t mind your pussy anymore<br />I began to suck fervently, and sometimes involuntarily hurt him. I hurt him<br />he was saying keep going as long as it hurts, don’t stop. He also took mine in his mouth,<br />he was sucking, kissing, caressing with his hands. I finally exploded<br />and I ejaculated in his mouth. It’s almost as if he’s eating something sweet, my semen<br />he was sucking.Then he started playing with my dick again, stroking it. Mine again<br />it grew.This time I took her legs on my shoulder and fucked my dick one at a time<br />i stung.He groaned and began to say very beautiful, very beautiful. Go geller<br />during it, he was not standing idle, he was almost dancing under me. Finally<br />she couldn’t stand it and she started screaming that I was coming, contracting and loosening up<br />started. And I kept stroking, putting my dick in and out of her pussy.<br />As they put my dick in and out, he came to lust again and put it in,put it in, please<br />he started begging you to fuck me the way you want.I fuck on one hand<br />as I stick my dick in and snap it, I stick my wet finger in your ass on the one hand and<br />i was taking it off. At this time, his lust peaked. Now my control<br />I was starting to lose.I turned and started fucking her ass.It hurts, but you<br />she was moaning ‘Go on, it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful’.I came in your ass this time.But<br />while I was ejaculating, I could see that he was contracting and loosening what he brought. Some<br />we snuggled up and lay down to rest. But 10 daika either we stopped or we didn’t stop<br />my wife fucked me again with great lust as if she had never been fucked<br />he started playing, sucking and sucking in his mouth. When mine gets up, her legs<br />I got on my shoulder.He takes a dick out of there and takes it up the ass this time<br />i was stinging.How was happy.At that moment I want my dick to be 30-40 inches<br />there has not been another moment. Although mine is of considerable size and<br />It is above the average in Turkey, but for some reason this time it is 30-40 centimeters<br />I’m starting to wish it would. Who knows how good it would be if that happened<br />It would have hurt you. Not every woman can take a dick this size but<br />so be it.Anyway, in this way, I fucked her cunt on the one hand and her ass on the other<br />I’ve been. I brought it maybe 10 times by morning. But my wife is at least 2<br />i had a solid orgasm. When he is no longer able to move from fatigue<br />he almost collapsed on the bed.We started sleeping. In the morning with a big noise<br />I woke up. I looked, the sash of the window hits the wall, and in this noise from there<br />it was due to. But there was something strange about this. Because in our house<br />i was in my own bed

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