Hello, I want to tell you this story that happened to me recently.<br />I went to the bank recently for a little business, and there’s an old girl there<br />we met my friend, how are you, blah blah blah, if you have time for tea<br />I said let’s have a drink, but I didn’t have sex or anything in mind until that moment.<br />We walked a little further, sat down in a cafe, moved to a corner, had drinks<br />anyway, he came, and after I talked for a while, I started looking at the girl.<br />In high school, this girl was a black dry thing, now her tits are out, body lines<br />it has a nice light and fishy consistency, and when it is filtered a little more<br />the tights underneath looked great, too. I couldn’t fuck right away that day because a little<br />she was an introverted girl, I thought I needed to soften her up. That day in the evening this<br />I sent nice messages, jokes, emotional words and so on, it was nice.<br />I waited a few days, and this time he sent me a message. The content of the message<br />i couldn’t understand it, I opened the phone, there was a problem, obviously, it was slowly heating up<br />I made him get to the point. It turns out that all the trouble of breaking up with her lover<br />that’s it. Here, I said, is the space I was looking for. In my mind, if you want it right now, tomorrow<br />we can meet up, I’ll listen to your problems for a while, I said it would be good for you, okay<br />honey, he said, hung up the phone. And I’m just thinking about my plan for tomorrow<br />I started. I had good things coming to my mind :). Anyway, we met the next day<br />we talked again, there was a thin T-shirt on top of two tights underneath. Breasts<br />they were small, but alive, and they looked beautiful. We talked a little about getting emotional<br />he started playing a little prankster and I tried to bring his joy, I think a little<br />it also happened that the girl began to get closer to me from good to good, but how<br />i still haven’t decided what to fuck. That day I returned empty-handed in my mind<br />I was making plans, and finally I came up with a plan. After a day or two<br />i called and said if you’re free, let’s do something tomorrow. When I tell you what to do, I<br />i thought i’d cook, i said eat out of my hand, blah, blah, I made a joke<br />and then we’ll watch a movie, if there’s a movie you like, I said, and he agreed<br />my mom gil said they were going to a relative’s house tomorrow, I think I was busy.<br />The next day, I prepared everything, of course, I made dinner, and the girl came over<br />there were again two tights under the tunic, which slightly revealed her legs, but<br />these tights were different from the others, I seemed to be able to see inside while walking.<br />Anyway, he came in, I put the food, we ate, we started filming together emotionally<br />it was a movie, and he got emotional and started leaning on me, leaning on my shoulder. Me too<br />i was putting my hand on his shoulder and supporting him, he cried a little, my top or something<br />it got wet, but I was having romantic words or something Decently on the other hand<br />I had my eye on your ass. I put my hand down to his waist, and he moved a little more towards me<br />he was stung, but it was as if he didn’t realize the danger. Until the movie ends<br />she cried a lot, and I noticed noticeable differences when I behaved romantically romantically<br />it had happened. He said he wanted to lie on my chest, and I agreed to this on the one hand<br />i was reading poems full of love, he lifted his head slightly, looked into my eyes<br />i was starting to feel very different, we got closer and started kissing.<br />Her lips were like a flame and her kissing was like bringing her to the heights of pleasure<br />i slowly stretched me out on the couch and I lay down next to him on the couch it’s so great<br />we were kissing in a way, and I started walking my hands on your legs a lot<br />it was fun, and he was finally starting to poke me through his legs on the fuck<br />i brought my hand. I pulled out my lip and said you’re so beautiful, when I said that it was like<br />he had let himself go and now his pussy was soaked and it was great. Your Tights<br />i couldn’t wait for him to take it off anymore, take my dick out of his tights<br />i was starting to ride her pussy, I was stopping and kissing her from time to time, and when it came to Decency, even more<br />he was kissing me hot. I noticed you didn’t have any weight under your tights<br />i was trying to pierce your tights with my dick and we were both great pleasure<br />we were at the peak, I think he ejaculated once under me. Anyway, the initiative<br />it was amazing, I was suddenly loaded, and when suddenly the tights tore, quickly<br />I went into it. Her pussy was boiling inside and suddenly there was a screaming sound<br />when I took my dick out, I saw that blood was flowing and a few drops of tears were also in his eye<br />it was floating. I immediately took out my dick, took it to the bathroom and went to her pussy diligently<br />I cleaned it. Her eyes were looking at me differently now, her pussy<br />after cleaning it, I took it inside on my lap and we started kissing as if<br />we stuck together, we didn’t care about anything else. I have to re-enter<br />this time I started slowly enjoying the pain instead of taking it in my arms<br />i started to fuck, my pussy was still burning and we were both enjoying it great.<br />After about fifteen minutes, we didn’t have any more power, so I<br />i came out of her pussy and ejaculated. This time I had no strength left. We both<br />we were naked on the bed, he hugged me, and then we fell asleep.<br />When I got up, he was on my lips when he saw me wake up, the first word he said was you<br />i liked it a little bit and I liked what he said and kept kissing<br />we had. This time he was on top of me and it’s like he’s fucking himself<br />it was like I really liked the way he was, I straightened up and rolled him up. To your pussy<br />it was such a pleasure to enter that it was now very comfortable and very enjoyable. From The Cunt<br />I went out and put him to bed this time. I started licking her cunt lips with pleasure<br />their water tasted great and their moaning was super. My head towards the pussy<br />his push made me even more animated. Licking her breasts too<br />i started, the ends were straight and shaking slightly in my light bites<br />it had begun. I started kissing her on the lips and on the one hand to get into her pussy<br />i started, we were at the heights of pleasure again, we had a wonderful love affair<br />he ejaculated again, and when I realized that I was going to cum, we went to the bathroom together<br />i turned on the water, stuck it under the water a little, and then I came out and<br />we took a shower with his lips on my lips and slept together. Now she’s my woman<br />it happened, and we wrote this story together, and we still enjoy those moments<br />I remember more.

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