hi, I am writing from Germany at the age of 36 with my wife’s cousin Ayfer<br />i wanted to share that skin night between us with you Ayfer 30<br />she is old and works as a secretary, she got a divorce two years ago<br />in the evening, a guest came to us, and in the morning we realized that my wife was very tired<br />he told me and went to bed, we were browsing TV channels at that time, encrypted<br />he came across the channels and when ayfer asked why this channel is encrypted, I had<br />i told you that this channel is a porn channel, give me a room with a smile and present it<br />let’s take a look at the password for a while, koktandir said I don’t have a sex life anyway<br />i gladly acted right at that time, the man was licking the woman’s cunt, and ayfer told me<br />he asked if you were licking too, and I answered yes, wouldn’t you lie<br />i gave it to him, and then he said the position, the woman took the man’s cock in her mouth and<br />i immediately asked if you were licking like that, laughing at Ayfer<br />he replied that he had never lied, we no longer had the strength to withstand<br />my stick was obviously burning on her lips that the woman hadn’t fucked in two years<br />he immediately took out my cock with his hand and started licking it so much that he was licking it<br />i came right down on my knees and emptied it all into your mouth.<br />he didn’t even waste a drop, and then I turned up his skirt and he’s like honey<br />i started licking your sweet cunt, she was skinning so that her tongue soook<br />she was moaning, I fucked her with my tongue for a while, and then I got up and leg<br />by doing it on the shoulder, I fucked my ayfer right there on the couch<br />i was coming, I came out, i emptied my dick on your belly, it was a great night now<br />every time we find an opportunity, we make love like skinks I love you<br />AYFEEERRRR….


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