My New Girlfriend Is A Wonderful Housewife And An Excellent Mistress


stories of women who have sex with their tenants I am Tarkan.From the print to you<br />I want to tell you about an incident last night.i am a handsome young man at the age of 18<br />and I’m working. 2 months ago I was at my aunt’s house one night for the heat<br />he asked me to go to bed with them, so I agreed, and it’s 10 o’clock<br />it’s like I went to them and from the time I arrived, my friend left.<br />it’s ewde now. we were alone, my aunt had just got married.we looked at each other and what<br />birbirimize we could do we were asking. then he said my aunt.a beautiful movie<br />var said shall we watch it, so I said why not, okay, and we put the movie<br />the movie started, but we were not an oracle.i call her my girlfriend<br />i was telling and the movie was boiling in between, of course, anyway, we Decoupled, ozman<br />the girl asked my friend why or something. i’m bastan too<br />I didn’t want to say .because it was not enough to say to have sex as well<br />I’ve always wanted to .but I couldn’t tell my aunt, my aunt insisted, anyway, I<br />i couldn’t take it anymore and I said that I wanted to have sex .my aunt<br />he gulumsed, thought he was an idiot, and said how did you put it like that.i have him too<br />i realized that I’ve been sewing so much and that we need to share something now<br />i said that’s all.anyway, you did it very wrong<br />she said, I’m small .I also said that this is not good either.anyway, he said, it’s late<br />he said let’s go to bed.i agreed too, then you go to bed, I won’t take a shower<br />he said it was necessary .i said okay and moved to the master floor, but I thought<br />my aunt’s pussy slider came and I decided to wait for her in the TV room<br />i gave it to him 15 minutes later, he came and said, oh, didn’t you go to seyrediyorum<br />i said, she came and sat down next to me and there were a pair of tights and a blouse with straps<br />she looked so sexy on her hair ıslaktı.ve i said hala at once<br />don’t be angry, but I said have you ever had sex before getting married, and the room is huge without a face<br />he said yes. and I got a lot of courage now, and then it was<br />i said would you cheat.obviously not, he said, laughing, and I’ll stand it now, guc<br />kalmamis was. i fucked you once and i said i want you and don’t do it<br />he started to say, but in vain, like an animal on<br />i was taking it off, it almost took my breath away, there was no bra or kulot in it<br />i just whooped and stuck his head in and it felt like he was going to faint, but<br />i want you now, my husband was saying these words were driving me, fuck<br />i got in and out a lot and said don’t cum, I took off your glasses<br />i gave it between two, I left, I came and i Decked my face<br />but no, it’s not like this girl or itfaye, what a cute face with a mouth full of eyes<br />he licked all the rest, but then I emptied the second mail inside<br />tabii that night ole ended and then 2 months later i heard that she was pregnant utnip<br />I meant to ask