Hello, I’m the horoscope who remember from my previous stories<br />There are.to tell you another memory that happened to me a year ago<br />I want.on the site where we live, a married lady named Hülya<br />he was sitting.since her husband was a naval petty officer, she often went on duty.I<br />i’ve been craving a dream for a long time. i had to fuck the idiot somehow<br />but how.one day, while sitting in the garden of the site, hülya called me<br />he asked for my help to change the light bulb.i said I’m coming right away<br />and I went.when he opened the door, he was wearing a white bady on top and a mini underneath<br />there was a skirt.i went in and changed the light bulb.after my work is done, hülya<br />he said, sit down, let me offer you something cold.i sat down and we both<br />he brought a coke and we drank it.he was spreading his legs while sitting.with my eyes<br />it was between his legs and his crotch. Dec.he wasn’t wearing a kilo in it.look open<br />he said let’s talk.that your eyes have been on me for a long time<br />I know.I know you want me.he said I want you too and<br />he came up to me and put his lips to mine.i also kiss her and her legs<br />and I was stroking your breasts.then bady takes off her sini and her breasts<br />i started licking over the bra.i took off the bra now that<br />plump breasts were in front of me.groaning sounds began to come from the dream.room<br />he’s not idle, he’s playing with my dick and taking off my pants<br />he was working.i slowly started to go down.i stripped off her skirt and<br />i started not licking her pussy.the sounds of groans filled the room.hülya ben<br />while licking her pussy, he ejaculated into my mouth with a violent contraction.it was her turn<br />kneeling in front of me, she took my dick in her mouth and started licking it.as she licks<br />my dick became huge and I exploded in his mouth.licked them all<br />he swallowed.then she spreads her fucking legs and rubs my dick on her pussy<br />I started.the fool said I can’t stand it anymore, sok.ahhh ohhhhh ihhhhhh<br />he was making noises.so I stuck my dick in your pussy.i started the go-tos. room<br />he kept up with me, moving himself back and forth.a few<br />after he left, we both ejaculated at the same time, my dick in his mouth again<br />took.after cleaning my dick with a casserole, we went into the bathroom together.<br />i was soaping the fool’s back in the bathroom.i soaped her breasts tekraqr<br />he started moaning. I turned it in front of him and stood it up.he me i him<br />it was soapy.I was aroused, too. my dick is starting to move.hülyayi<br />my dick was pressing on her pussy while she was soaping.her moans had increased my dick<br />i put it in the pussy of the dream, I started coming back and coming again, after a while, the dream<br />he ejaculated, and then me.then we cleaned up and went out, I got dressed in the bathroom and<br />i clung to his lips again.i said I’m gonna fuck you again. room fuck hubby<br />let my pussy be a victim to you, this pussy is yours, he said.every time her husband goes on a mission<br />i fucked the fool in their house


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