My Step Father Was Very Angry When He Came To Visit Me, But I Know How To Comfort Him


I was home alone on Sunday. Lying at home as I want and enjoying myself<br />i was gonna take a look. I was Decking out breakfast and lunch together, in the kitchen<br />i’m headed. Fuck it. There was no bread. I didn’t want to take my pajamas off.<br />I pressed the doorman’s button. The doorman’s daughter, Canan, answered. At home<br />there was no one there, my father and mother were shouting that they would not come until the evening.<br />"Can you buy me some bread from the grocery store?I said.. A little later, Canan<br />he came out with bread in his hand. The doorman’s daughter has long hair, her hair from behind<br />she’s got a ponytail, a purple comb over a black pair of tights underneath<br />he was wearing it. Her breasts were like stones.. Suddenly the devil dürttü " Come on, Canan,<br />come on in, since your parents aren’t here, we’ll talk for a while and we’ll have lunch.<br />we’ll eat together!I said. Timidly, Canan entered. Straight to the kitchen<br />we passed.. We lingered in the kitchen for half an hour or an hour, ate and<br />collecting the plates on the table, we passed into the room. Canan was attached to one of the seats.<br />I felt an irresistible desire for this girl. I had to fuck him. But<br />How? Suddenly, porn VCDs about the house came up. Don’t make Canan watch a movie<br />he will transmit one of them with his number if he does not react to it<br />i was going to fuck. " Well, we’ve had our dinner, you’ll be bored, if you want the TV<br />I’ll turn it on and let you watch a nice adventure movie!I said. Canan is a soft<br />”all right,” he said in a voice. i opened the VCD and a porn VCD<br />i planted it. At the beginning, there was nothing very clear. However, girls and<br />when the men started to undress, I slowly opened the door as if I had work<br />I closed it slightly and pretended to go to the kitchen. Canan’s back is facing the door<br />and he was watching the Porn Movie with curiosity. The guy is a girl who took out his big dick<br />he was fucking her full-blown pussy. I walked in slowly. " How Canan<br />are you having fun, is the movie good?" I asked. Canan turned crimson.<br />In a shaky voice, he just said, “Yes.." he was able to say. I’m in the single seat<br />settling down, watching the movie on the one hand and how to fuck on the other<br />I was thinking I was going to take action. Suddenly I have my eye on his comb<br />he was attached to the English articles written."Canan, come to me, let me see,<br />what does it say on your T-shirt,” I said. By sitting Canan on my knee<br />i pretended to read your shirt. I didn’t quit when I finished. Slowly my cock her<br />he pulled her towards him and sat down and said, "I’m glad you came, I was alone too, dear<br />he would be bored..I said. Kanan was watching the movie without talking. Back a man<br />he’s lying on his top, a young girl is sitting on his lap, the man is getting up, the wife<br />he was fucking her pussy terribly. My hand gently between Deccan’s legs<br />I threw it. Canan did not make a sound or even opened his legs well. It<br />taking courage, I slowly began to rub her cunt. Get on the seat thoroughly<br />i skated. It was almost like he was lying on his back against my chest. Suddenly crazy<br />with one movement, I put my hand inside her tights and through her panties her pussy<br />bobbled. Canan was just watching porn movies and wasn’t moving at all.<br />I grabbed the sides of her tights and pulled her up to her knees. Also<br />stripping off my pajamas and panties, I released my dick.Canan’s waist<br />gently lifting her panties up to her knee, stripping, in my lap<br />i sat him down. I put my dick between your ass cheeks. Dec. The temperature of your hips<br />was driving me crazy. My beautiful pussy from the top was whetting my appetite. More<br />I couldn’t be patient. Putting Canan face down on the seat behind him<br />i passed.I wet his asshole thoroughly with my saliva. My dick already<br />he was soaked. Spreading her ass cheeks with my hand, my dick Canan’s pink ass<br />i put it against his hole and loaded up. My dick’s head went "Flopp".<br />I started holding him by the hips. Canan your seat with pain<br />holding up his arms, he said, ”Ahhh.. it hurts, take it off," he was moaning. Anymore<br />I couldn’t wait to hear about Canaan. After this blind commute into<br />i exploded..his ass was such a pleasure.. i felt like I was enjoying myself