i’m an 18-year-old teenager and I really like mature women. cold<br />I came home from school one Winter day. i fell on the floor in the bathroom and got wet<br />and my clothes were dirty. i knocked on the door. no one was there. again and again<br />calinca is our neighbor dilek abla(she is 37 years old and has a muthis body<br />his hips and gogus are the type that will fit perfectly into the hand) he left his house and<br />he said that mom had gone shopping and that he had the key.<br /><br />I went to get the key. when you see me frozen and wet<br />he called in. i don’t need to either, I’ll take care of my printing at home<br />i told him. when I insisted, I couldn’t resist and I entered.<br /><br />there was nobody in the House. if her children were at school and her husband was too, she would come home<br />he was freezing. that I need to change my clothes, but I don’t take a bath first<br />he said it was necessary. he went to our house to bring me a new glass case. back<br />he froze and was a little angry because I still hadn’t taken my clothes off.<br /><br />i also said that I wanted to take a bath in my own house.but your own house<br />he said it was hot because he was lighting a stove and he wanted to take a bath at her house<br />he convinced me. actually, I was happy with Dunden. i undressed and went to the bathroom<br />I entered.when the water has just opened, wish sister clicks the door as soon as she drinks<br />he dived and said, ”Let me wash you nicely." said. of course I’m cirilciplak<br />i’m in a situation and I grab my dassag with both hands with my wound and it’s weird<br />i’m embarrassed. when he saw that I was blushing, he said, ”I’m your sister, what a shame," and<br />he started to wash me as he grabbed the stone in the bucket.<br /><br />you won’t believe it, but the wish is to take a bath with sister for years<br />it was just a big fantasy of mine. anyway, the draft is touching the water down from my press. of course that<br />while weaving, I drain her pussy area and her breasts. of course, my two hands<br />closing my fucking wound. wish your sister had a long skirt on<br />and he was wearing a T-shirt in the cold(of course, because the bathroom was hot).<br />then he took the fiber in his hand and started putting it on my body. my dick was two<br />conclusive.<br /><br />i can’t cover it all with my hand anymore either. wish while I’m sitting on the stool<br />sister bent down to lift my legs. oh, my God, that sight is my eye<br />he never leaves her. she gathered some so that her skirt wouldn’t get wet while bending over and<br />he bowed. alllaaaahiiimmm what shall I see… a large kulot underneath and<br />i can see your pussy clearly. because the kulot has slipped to the side. from the body color<br />a little darker is a wonderful pussy with a hairy national that you are carrying from your kulod<br />he had my eyes on him.<br /><br />how did I not jump on it then I’m still wondering to myself.oyle is in that position<br />it stopped for at least three minutes. he is lifting on one hand and taking water from the bucket on the other.<br />some water was put on her and the tips of those wonderful tits are open secik<br />emerged. i was wondering which one to look at, but tabbbi, your uncle<br />i was stable. anyway, suddenly he brought his hand to my wound, he’s going to heal my wound.<br /><br />i said shamefacedly, ”no way." and she said” "Either I’m kind of your sister<br />you are my little brother, what a shame, " he said, and finally<br />i couldn’t resist, I pulled both my hands out of my wound shamefully. of course it’s huge<br />done.dilek sis laughed at the sight without flinching.anyway to lift my wound<br />it began. then he let go of the fiber and started rubbing my wound with his soapy hands.<br />it was like a fucking dream. but you won’t believe there’s nothing in the bathroom<br />we couldn’t do.<br /><br />anyway, we got out of the bathroom. we entered the room. there’s a hot stove inside. i looked<br />there are two quilts on the floor and I sat on it. i got dressed, i stretched out<br />I lay. of course, the chills kept us out of the new bathroom. wish for an older sister<br />he came in, looked at me, said, "Stop." let me lie down next to you too<br />my oyster," he said. he came and lay down next to me.<br /><br />you still have the same clothes on. she reached out and hugged me with her quilt<br />orttu. at first he was dull to me. he put his leg between my two legs and<br />he wrapped me up well. of course, I love him too.(i’m so sorry) I’m officially hurt<br />the wish is for your sister’s uncle. by god, he’s in that position for 3 minutes<br />i was empty after staying.then ”I have to go to the toilet" grandpa and leave the room<br />cikipeski I wore my panties.<br /><br />anyway, I’m a little relieved. I froze in the room again and got under the covers.<br />he froze me this time. he literally put his fat ass on my wound. most<br />we stopped for less than 15 minutes. i started climbing up and down. slowly<br />he started moaning. ahhhh how those moaning sounds turned me on. 15<br />he was moaning in a slow low voice every second. by god, more<br />I couldn’t bear. he carried the moans in the glass. oksama their glasses<br />I’ve started.<br /><br />his moans increased. I put my hand under her skirt to amina: it was hot.<br />i started to oxide. then I put it in.it was a harrrriika feeling. later<br />i got it in the hole, I fingered it. so he was moaning… aahhh.. later<br />he froze to me. we started licking in a weird way. our languages are almost<br />he was making love. he used his tongue great. he started robbing me. Your hand<br />he threw it in my wound, first he had a nice cake, and then he took it in his beautiful mouth. two forwards<br />he started to go back and sulk. i have not enjoyed so much in my life and<br />I’m sure I’ll never get the same pleasure again. then she lifted up her skirt.<br />he moved his tower to the side and slowly sat down on it. for the first time<br />he was entering the cunt, I hurt. i could have enjoyed it. he started to get up and sit down…<br />I didn’t ever want it to end. it was both moaning and bouncing. then we completely undressed.<br />i stuck your head in the got hole. then govdesini. it’s the first time I’ve eaten gotten.<br />but he really enjoyed it, gotten. on the one hand, she licks her tits on the other<br />i started hopping on my side lap.<br /><br />my second divorce was a little late, but it gave me great pleasure.agzina<br />I ejaculated.he cleaned my wound with his mouth.then we lay down naked for a while.<br />we had a little talk. he said he really likes me. in the next days<br />i was skipping school and coming to fuck. it’s a little Decadent these days. for 1 week<br />i’m not fucking. but when he comes to visit us every once in a while, and my mother is Dec<br />i’m smoking when I’m in the room. it’s more enjoyable when it’s dangerous


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