Hello, I am free to give you all my real memories<br />i keep telling you…well, after all, we are from Istanbul…<br /><br />That was 2 years ago. I was sitting in college at the time. 3 friends<br />we rented a house. My life is monotonous in school house cafes<br />it was going on until that day. My friends spend the weekend with your girlfriends<br />they had decided to spend it outside, so I was going to stay at home like sap. His<br />I decided to go to the cinema on Saturday night.A new horror movie<br />he had arrived and there was a lot of queues.I got bored and queued up.it’s been 10 minutes for me<br />there were 20 people in the queue.While looking around, suddenly the class<br />i saw my friend enamel.When he said hello, he came to me immediately. When We Greeted<br />then he asked me if I could buy a ticket.I said of course. Mine is about 170 meters long<br />she was a blonde girl with a neat physique.That day she was wearing a long mini skirt on<br />she had also scattered her hair.It was as if the beautiful world was standing in front of me.Especially with him<br />I was already starting to fantasize, thinking that I would sit together.The turn has come<br />i got the tickets. We went into the hall and waited for the movie to start<br />we set off. That’s when we started chatting.The things we talked about are school lessons, etc.<br />they were just topics.When the movie was about to start, we went inside to our places<br />we sat down.Our turn was in the middle at the back. The seats next door were empty<br />still.The lights turned off and the movie started.Mine hand in the first horror scene<br />he held it. Apparently, he was afraid, I immediately realized that my job would be easier.I<br />i immediately shook his hands tightly and never let go again. Every time you get scared<br />he was getting a little closer to me, enamel.Then I put my hands around his neck and<br />we just started watching.I was touching her breasts with my hands from time to time . Dec.Any<br />when there is no reverse reaction, to act more noticeably<br />I was just starting.Then I put my other hand on his legs.the room held my hand<br />tightly, but I had already started stroking her legs.Towards the top<br />i was moving forward. Suddenly she put her hand in mine and started caressing your pants<br />over.i had reached her vagina.Massaging her nicely with my fingers<br />i was doing it.He unzipped my zipper and took it out.It’s hard for myself now<br />i was holding it.He bent down and began to take it in his mouth.And come on home I got before coming<br />let’s go I said . When I said OK, we packed up and left and went to our house. Home<br />as soon as we entered, our lips met.When they are running like crazy, a<br />we were starting to take off our clothes on the side.In a moment with our underwear<br />we stayed. When she took off her bra, those gorgeous tits blew my mind<br />took. I immediately began to lick them, the enamel began to moan slightly<br />he even put his hand in mine and pulled it out. He was patting me gently.<br />We immediately went into the bedroom and started from his lips and down<br />i was going down slowly sucking.When honey comes to the box I tongue blows her<br />it was already enough to drive me crazy.Then he laid me down and started taking it in his mouth<br />I was sucking so harmoniously that I was enjoying it tremendously. I’m looking at the root<br />the next thing you know, he was sucking on the tip or balls. He was doing great.<br />When I started to whitewash, he stopped me and said that he was a virgin. Sudden<br />he turned away with a gesture.He said I could do it from behind. Cream immediately<br />I took it and creamed the back a lot and started to endure.Full tip<br />i was stung, but suddenly he was startled and told me to slow down.It still hurts when I enter<br />he was pulling, and then suddenly the pain turned into cries of pleasure, and I quickly<br />i started pumping.We were both in a worse situation, I wanted this moment to never end<br />I wanted to and I was trying to restrain myself.I’m going to come in exact order<br />he asked me to cum on his breasts, I immediately took it off and started ejaculating on his breasts.<br />My semen was spurting all over her , her breasts, her face. Then mine<br />he took it in his mouth and began to clean it. We had a nice shower together. To me<br />he said he had to leave and left his number. We met often<br />then with enamel. Ha, before I forget, mine is no longer a virgin, but another<br />time, I’ll tell you


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