I’m Ayça. I am a 28-year-old, 1.60 tall, 50 kilos, auburn, 95-65-100 measures, married, childless woman. My husband is 2 years older than me, a pretty handsome guy, he has a pretty thick cock, about 19 cm, but despite this, our sex life was not going well at all from my point of view. It was not very easy for me to get used to a cock of this size, of course, because of the animality of my husband. My husband gets on me with his huge cock, does whatever he wants, fucks my mouth, pussy, ass, however he wants to fuck, and when he ejaculates, he turns around and sleeps, he never thought about whether I enjoyed it or not… I warned my husband a lot about this, but in vain, it didn’t work. Sex with my husband meant only boredom for me, I was not experiencing anything in the name of pleasure. I also wanted to have sex with pleasure, like in many sex stories I have read now. I had it in my head that first I was going to get a job and gain my economic freedom, and then I was going to file for divorce to my husband. If I got divorced, I would have much more opportunities to realize my intention to have real sex… on one of the job search sites on the Internet there was an advertisement for an ‘Executive Assistant’ in a private company. I made a phone call, they connected me to someone named Cansuhan. The voice of Mrs. Cansu sounded very familiar. Anyway, I decided to make an appointment and go to the interview. Wearing a light low-cut blouse, a skirt above the knee, light makeup, I prepared for the interview. I liked myself so much in the mirror with this state. When I reached the address, the building I was standing in front of was a huge plaza. I told the reception that I had come to meet with Mrs. Cansu. A short phone call took me to a room on the top floor of the building. It was a room with a big sea view. The officer who brought me said that the Cansu lady would be coming soon, that the boss was with her. I started to wait…meanwhile I was watching outside in front of the window.Dec. A few minutes later the door opened. A blonde, very attractive lady in a mini skirt came in. We said hello, I handed him my resume, he started reading. While reading the university education part, I said, "There is no mistake about what is written here, is there?" said. “Certainly not!I said. “Then you are Lopez Ayça!" said. (When I was in college, they nicknamed me this because of the size and shape of my hips and the resemblance to Jenifer Lopez’s hips). I was suddenly shocked, how did he know my nickname in college? Looking at her face in surprise, he said, “You didn’t recognize me, did you?"he said… The voice was very familiar, but the whole body was not my buddy, my secret partner, Skinny Cansu. Embarrassed, he said, “Puny Cansu?I said. “Yes, it is he!" said. At that moment, the worlds had become mine. We never met Cansu after school, she returned to her family in Ankara. I was still in shock, Cansuya said, “What happened to you?I said. Cansu, “I’ll tell you later!" he continued his speech by saying. We had quite a chat. I had applied for a job, but I had found my best friend. While talking about the old days or something, the subject finally came to work: – Ayçeçi, I assure you, I would love to hire you for this job, but this staff is not a suitable job for a married lady! He is perfect for you in a physical sense, but he is not suitable for you at all as a personality!- How so? Aren’t you looking for a secretary?- No, I’m not looking for a secretary, I’m looking for an administrative assistant, and this assistant should be someone who can provide many other services besides his job!- What kind of services?- Don’t make me tell you, you got it!- So you’re actually looking for a mistress for your boss?- Yes, I’m not going to hide it from you, so it can’t be you!- What if I say what I want anyway?- What do you mean, Moon?- My marriage is about to end anyway, and I haven’t experienced sexuality for a long time, I need a job and a sexy man!- But the boss’s demands for sex are different…- How are they different?- Mr. Erkan is a very horny man and wants anal sex, likes to talk slang during sex and loves to cum in the mouth very much, but I never allowed it, I’ve only let him cum on my face a few times to this day!- Only these are not a problem, I’m used to them from my husband!- Are you sure?- Absolutely!- Well, you know! Actually, I’d like to have someone I know!- When can I start work?- You are currently hired with a reputation, but the boss also needs to see you and take a test!- How do I prepare for him to like me?- Actually, you don’t need to do anything special, it will be enough for you to turn around next to him, like a model. When you see her hips, be sure her bottom will fall off! Just choose an outfit that makes your hips look more prominent. Your salary will be determined by the interview tomorrow!- Okay, deal! When will I see the boss?- I’ll arrange it, I’ll pick him up from his house tomorrow afternoon around 14:30, you get ready!Then I left Cansu’s side and returned home. I made preparations for the next day. In the evening, my husband came home, I told him that I would be accepted for work, but that there would be an interview tomorrow. “Good gracious!" said. Then we had dinner, watched the game and went to sleep, the ox. I woke up in the morning, got up, took a shower and waxed v.s. I did a nice cleaning, I started dressing. I was wearing a black thong with lace on the front, I was wearing the same underwear bra, I was wearing a tight body and I was wearing my black tights underneath, all the beauty of my hips was in the middle. I was ready now. Around 14:30, Cansu sent me a car, took it from my house and we came to the company. I went to Cansu first. Cansu first looked me over from head to toe and smiled and said, “Zilli, you definitely got a job today!” he said, then gave me a slap on the hip, “Take a good look at these!"he said and we went to the boss’s room together…Boss Erkan Bey greeted us at the door. We went inside, Cansu in front, me behind. I’m sure the boss took a good look at me from behind. Cansu introduced us. Mr. Erkan was a 35-year-old, 1.80 tall, athletic, very handsome man, I literally melted inside. And we started talking. Mr. Erkan told me“ "Mrs. Cansu praised you very much and said that you will perform all the services!" said. I said“ "Yes, Ms. Cansu has given me the necessary information and will transfer the jobs to me in a short time, but she said that you will have an interview before starting work!I said. “Yes, it will be so! Mrs. Cansu, can you leave us alone?" said. And Cansu said“ "Of course, Sir! by saying ” appeared from the room. Mr. Erkan locked the door and came back … He came to me, “Yes, Mrs. Ayça, your starting salary will be 2,000 liras and we will solve this salary issue according to your interview success, are you ready?" said. I said, ”Yes, I’m ready, but there’s something I want to say…" “What is it?" said. "I think that what I am going to do today will be more beautiful when we do it mutually, willingly, and I will be happy to give you many times more pleasures that you can give me, if it is convenient, don’t you think?I said. “Well!" said. I got up next to him and started undressing in front of him. First I took off my body and then I started to take off my tights. Turning my back toward him, without breaking my knees, leaning my tights when I get there I waited for a while and I just I felt his lips on my thighs, and then I lifted her to her feet, knelt, undid his belt and zipper pull down his pants and stroked his cock through bokser. I put down his boxer shorts, took his cock between my lips and started sucking. Dec. His cock was getting bigger and bigger and he was getting hard. He pulled me up and clung to my lips, stroking my buttocks with one hand. He took me in his arms and put me on the table and, starting from my neck, placed kisses, first on my breasts and finally on my pussy. It was the first time I was experiencing what a beautiful thing this was, and it was amazing. I even had an orgasm in a short time. I pulled her up and clung to her lips. Then I lifted him off me, took his cock in my mouth again and started sucking. And he was holding me by the head, moving me back and forth… sucking his cock as hard as possible, every now and then I would take it out to the tip and make circles with my tongue on the end of his cock without Decanting it out of my mouth. It had a wonderful taste. I continued to suck by grabbing his hips and taking his cock as deep in my mouth as I could. I went on like this for quite a while. Every once in a while I’d Decant out of my mouth and suck his balls. After a while, Mr. Erkan said, “I’m coming!" she said, I immediately took it in my mouth again and continued sucking, until finally it had exploded inside my mouth. He was ejaculating violently. I swallowed every drop…Erkan Bey passed by and sat down on the sofa. He had exerted a lot of energy. While he was sitting on the couch, I crawled in front of him and started sucking his cock in my mouth again. He had stiffened again. He was showering me with compliments. I continued to suck his cock with pleasure. When he got really hard, I stood up and turned my back to him, put his dick in my pussy with my hand and started sitting on it. At this time, he said, “You’re great!" he was saying and fingering my ass hole. I sat down a few times and got up and said, “I guess my boss wants to fuck my ass?" I got up and placed his cock in the mouth of my asshole and started sitting on it… I had taken it to the root and now I started getting up and down on it. After going on like this for a while, he stopped me and said, “Get down on the ground and let’s go!" said. “At once, sir!” I said, I got on all fours, I started shaking my hips, “Come on, boss, fuck my ass!" I was moaning. He immediately came up behind me and started shoving his cock up my ass. He was coming in and out so violently that I can’t tell. At this time, I also started playing with my pussy and soon I even reached orgasm again. While Erkan Bey was fucking my ass behind me, he was ecstatic, “You bitch, you got the job, with a salary of 5,000 liras, but I will fuck you from your pussy to your ass every day, wherever I want!" he was rooting on my ass and slapping my buttocks. And I was flying with pleasure, “Fuck man, fuck my pussy, fuck me whenever you want! I was moaning, Mr. Erkan was pumping my ass frantically… Suddenly he stopped and said, “Let’s taste some more pussy, Mrs. Ayça!" said. “Well, sir!"I said, and he immediately pulled it out of my ass and rooted it in my pussy. He got in so hard, I can’t tell you. The pleasure I got was unbearable. My husband had fucked me all that time, but even though his cock was bigger, he couldn’t give me as much pleasure as Erkan Bey.


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