The summer months had come when the famous heat of Antalya began. We put on tracksuits and went on a picnic to the forest area so that we could both light a barbecue and cool off. We arrived at the picnic area and settled down, and I took a walk around. After the end of the picnic area, there was a very wide and beautiful road leading into the forest. I turned to my wife and said, “There is a suitable way to drive, come let me work you a little!I said. And my wife said, “No, I’m excited next to you, I’m learning on the course!" said. I told him, “You learn again on the course, I’ll teach you the intricacies of driving a car!" when I told him, he didn’t agree. Daughter Selin also tried to convince her mother, but my wife said Noah, the prophet did not say. My wife Seline said, “If you really want, go and find out for yourself, I’ll lie down under that tree and rest like a good one!" said. Selin angrily told her mother, “I’ll find out, what!” he turned to me and said, “Dad, will you teach me?" said. “I’ll teach, but your mother has to learn first, she’s going to take the exam!I said. My wife lay down on one of the covers we took to lay on the floor and said, “I’ll find out later, what’s the hurry?" said. Selin pulled me by the arm with a rush and said, “Dad, teach me!" said. “All right, let’s take a tour and come!I said.


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