We got in the car, we were heading towards the road at the end of the picnic area. Selin didn’t know anything about the car. I didn’t want to break his enthusiasm, but I didn’t know where to start. Let him sit on my lap, I thought I’d say if we went for a while, (Okay, that’s enough …). I drove into the forest road and pulled over. Selin got out of the car, opened my door, was waiting. I pushed the seat back, put the steering wheel up and said, “Come on, learn to steer a little!” I said, and sat Selini on my lap. I put it in first gear and we walked. Gas, brake and gear, that is, I was completely in control of the car. Selin was just holding the steering wheel while driving in first gear. But he was excited and happy, as if he was driving the car…


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