mrb my name is hakan i am 18 years old 1.70 tall handsome man to you<br />i’m going to tell my story with sinem, sinem, short hair, big ass, a lot<br />although she didn’t have a big ass, she was a nice girl with a nice ass, she’s 1 year older than me<br />she was little, actually, I didn’t hang out too much, but a friend of mine is a virgin<br />i’ve heard that you’re not, and I’m a little nervous that I’m a bit of an attacking sinsan.<br />i started hanging out with sinemin bide dilara die she already had two friends<br />i knew well that you were a bitch, anyway, so I started hanging out with these<br />we traveled together almost the whole day, we were together from morning to evening<br />we were getting closer and closer every day up and down, every day we got closer<br />it was also clearly discussed to me one day whether he had ever slept with a girl<br />he asked me if I slept or something, I said, but it was bullshit, who did he die with or something<br />he asked or something like that, I told him, have you ever done some of it, Dilara, when I asked<br />he immediately jumped up, did it, of course, he said, and burst out laughing, what are you saying in my cinema<br />he said shit or something, he asked for a wish, he told me not to tell anyone, so tmm<br />i said you’re a disgrace or something, and that’s why I decided to fuck her, actually<br />it’s easier to fuck dilara, but I had incredible physics in my cinema, anyway, that’s<br />since every time we die and hug each other when I leave now, it’s slightly up your ass or something<br />eliodum has never made a sound, we said come and do it one day, let’s have a change<br />they said let’s go, okay, but we’ll go to us tomorrow, I said zmn and zar<br />i barely fooled, we got on the bus, we’re leaving, there were a lot of people on the bus, it was crammed<br />because it was clicked, we constantly went to the bottom, so I put my tongue behind my back<br />i took it in front of me, dilara always made me push it from behind and rub it in the cinema<br />there was no sound in my cinema, we went to the cinema for a while to their house at home<br />there was no one there, we went out in their room, we sat with my face on the tongue, short but mini<br />there were skirts that weren’t there, he was constantly freaking out to me while I was sitting in my cinema room<br />they were data, I said it was the right time, I asked the cinema how did you fuck and continued<br />i was going to bring and fuck her at 2, and I was just starting to tell her about the incident when her mother<br />he came home, the topic flew away, and then we left, we went to my house again in the morning<br />we met, we were going home, this time Dilara was not there to meet her boyfriend<br />he didn’t come for it anyway, we went home, I went to my room, I guess this is yesterday’s<br />after the topic, we understood that I was going to fuck her, she was wearing a mini skirt to my room<br />we went to the cinema again, I asked about that incident and he is very pleased with the many guys he has fucked<br />he said that he didn’t stay, that his dick was too small, and then it’s your turn, you<br />tell me about it, he said, so I bought two or two things, and wow, at that girl’s place<br />he said I’d like to be, so I put my hand on his leg and why is he in place<br />i said you’re not, and I stuck to your lips, he was a very good kisser, and he was very<br />it was fast, while I was stroking her leg with my hand, she put her hand directly on my dick and<br />he patted mine over my pants and my fucking hand up my skirt<br />i dipped it right and started fingering her pussy and then stood up and<br />i took out my dick, when I saw the 15 cm cock, her eyes opened like a fortune teller and<br />he took it in his mouth very nicely, licked it a little, and then it looks like he’s going to cum<br />i immediately took a retardant from my drawer and applied it, and the condom<br />i put it on, then I opened her legs and started licking, i was fingering in between<br />the more you lick, the more pleasure I get, i was speeding up now, then come on now<br />he said fuck me and i asked him how to do it, he said I should fuck the room and said<br />domaldi, i spanked that beautiful ass and entered it slowly, and suddenly she moaned<br />he moaned less every time I stung, but I wanted him to moan more and<br />i was getting faster and faster, suddenly I pulled her by the hair and stuck her all the way to the bottom<br />all of a sudden, he pressed the bell and pulled himself back, and that’s enough<br />she said I would sit on her lap and I lay down on the bed and then sit on my dick<br />he started jumping, he’s jumping, I’m licking his ass, and then more<br />he lay on top of me and started jumping, so I put my hand in his asshole and enjoyed it more<br />i had to make him come, I no longer have the strength to stand, take him from my lap<br />i put her to bed and then I took off my condom and put my dick in her mouth<br />i held on, I couldn’t say my cum, and while he was licking, we suddenly pulled it out of his mouth<br />i cum on your face, he was surprised at what happened, but he liked it a lot. Dec<br />we threw ourselves on the bed, hugged and slept


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