mrb, I’m sorry, this is not my real name, you’re the one I lived with in high school two<br />I will tell you about the incident when I started high school, new students entered the school<br />i was very interested in these new ones, especially in English<br />i liked the girl who was written in the section very much, I always dreamed of her and<br />i was shooting 31, constantly thinking about him, and one day I was in class and my toilet came<br />i was so stuck I asked the teacher for permission to go to the toilet and I left<br />there was a girls’ toilet opposite the boys’ toilet, I took care of my business<br />as I was leaving, I saw her go into the toilet, I had dreams about her in my mind<br />he came and I followed him and went to the bathroom there was no one around<br />i saw her take off her skirt when I entered the room to scream when she noticed me<br />she wanted to, but I covered her mouth with my hand, that nothing would happen to her, great pleasure<br />i said you’d take it, and the room told me that you wanted it for yourself, and at that moment I<br />i clung to your lips and caressed those beautiful breasts with my hands to me<br />he said that the lesson was almost over and he told me to hurry up, so ssikimi<br />i took it off and he took it in his mouth for a few minutes after licking his room kilo<br />he took it off and I started licking like crazy that he couldn’t stand me and into<br />he said he wanted me to come in, so I couldn’t resist, and he closed his mouth like that<br />i rooted that he insisted on my hand out of his pain and my hand became black a little go come<br />after we did it, we came out and I went to class when the lesson was about to end, teacher<br />he asked where I was staying, and I was just about to answer the sound of the alarm clock<br />i woke up and had breakfast and went to school


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