My stepmother is a 34-year-old stone chick. 2 Years after my mother died<br />my father couldn’t stand being unmarried and married my stepmother, Elif. for 2 years<br />we live in the same house, my father comes home very late most nights. I’m 21<br />i have reached the age and now elif abla looks like a complete fuck in my eyes<br />started.( s) In case of arousing drops while browsing porn sites on the Internet<br />i saw something.I ordered it out of curiosity and it arrived the next day. One evening elif<br />my mom and I were watching TV after dinner. Do you want to make Nescafe<br />I said,? ”I would like it very well," he said. Anyway, I went into the kitchen, I thought<br />the drop came immediately, I dripped 10-15 drops of the drop into the coffee.<br />He drank the coffee, and about half an hour passed, and I looked like a fire had Decayed<br />as he took off the vest on him, he stayed with his T-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra that day<br />the tip of her breasts was in the middle. When I saw this, my instrument was immediately sewn.Anyway<br />i lay on my back on the couch, I left my dick in such a fucking way<br />it was obvious from the bottom of the collarbone. Elif couldn’t take her eyes off<br />from my cohort. The drip had definitely worked. I went and sat next to him and said, “Dad<br />a very lucky man found you well, Mom, "I said. When I say that \"I have<br />I am very lucky that your father has a son like you,” he said. This<br />when I heard it, I snuggled up to her and started stroking her breasts. My esortman<br />she took my dick down and sucked my dick before I even realized what was my dick<br />i squirted and ejaculated in his mouth. He was a little sulky, but he immediately went and got a napkin<br />i brought some shit, we wiped your mouth and then I started fucking your pussy<br />elifi. From 8 to 9:30 in the evening, I fucked a nice one, then my dad geldi.Biz<br />we began to continue in the same way, as if nothing had happened. Since then<br />yana Elif has now become both my father’s and my wife.


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