i’m the one, believe me, as soon as a new story falls on this site, the first<br />one of the readers is mine, just follow the stories on the computer<br />i started spending more time to tell my story anyway<br />let me pass, I work in antalya, my height is 1.80, I live in a large apartment<br />I have structure, so I am molded. we actually live in Istanbul<br />I came to the treaty to work. i’m going to write a story with my uncle’s wife<br />i’ve been sick of my uncle’s wife thinking about her since I was a little girl<br />I’d take 31. my sister-in-law is 38 years old with black hair and a height of 1.60. neys ebir<br />my uncle called me today.<br /><br />how are you, eater. i’m fine, uncle, how are you or something, I said I’m fine from the air<br />after talking about the water. i said, I have a request from you, uncle. tomorrow<br />your sister-in-law will come there in 3 weeks, I’ll come what do you mean, uncle, come here<br />let the children come too, or the children will not give comfort, so the mother<br />we quit, I said okay. anyway, tlf rang again. this time it was my sister-in-law. handsome<br />what’s up, I’m fine, my beautiful sister-in-law. you have to know. i said I do. where<br />you know, my uncle just called and I said okay, anyway, tlf closed<br />later.<br /><br /&eskişehir escortgaziantep escortmersin escort
gt;I was looking forward to tomorrow. tomorrow I went to the garage to pick up my uncle’s wife<br />anyway. when I get off the bus, what can I see on her skinny jeans<br />she’s wearing a white bra up to her navel with white straps. while my dick<br />anyway, I hugged my sister-in-law right away and gave her a kiss on the cheek<br />my sister-in-law hugged me and kissed me anyway. bhabhi, what a beauty is so sweet<br />you have been there for a month, my dear, thank you. we came home, he packed his bags.<br />Oh, shoot. i told you what happened, I don’t have much underwear. i came right away<br />when he bent down while placing it, the white thong came out. my eye was there, but<br />my dick was getting up.. my sister-in-law understood that he was looking at her ass. he smiled. trouble<br />look at what you’ve done, we’ll take it.. and then we started drinking cold beers..<br />my sister-in-law got up and said I should change. I said Fine. the doors are broken<br />because it is.<br /><br />the kitchen and bedroom were opposite. anyway, to the kitchen under the pretext of drinking water<br />as I was leaving, I looked at the room, my sister-in-law took off her pants, her thong and super buttocks<br />he was in front of me and suddenly he saw me. he didn’t hesitate, he smiled. a mini skirt<br />he wore it, his hips would be obvious. we saw eye to eye. how it’s beautiful. what is beautiful<br />so you’ve been great, anyway. he said let’s go out, we went out while traveling to my sister-in-law<br />i was holding him by the waist. the room was holding me. we went into a lingerie store<br />he asked me what color I should buy. you know, you said sole, well, I said.. red<br />I said take a pink one and a black one. and you’re very tasteful.<br /><br />i said I am. anyway, after shopping, we had a meal in the evening<br />it had happened. after we’ve had dinner.. I got up and took him to a store. what happened<br />what an alcaz. leave it to me. i bought a red and fishnet nightgown. what a bother<br />you are. i said, what a bother, aunt. anyway, we came home. my sister-in-law will take a shower<br />said. i’ve made some water or something, my sister-in-law has already undressed and come to the bathroom<br />she only had thong kilot on, covered her breasts, eye to eye<br />when he came, he smiled. anyway, when I came out of the bathroom, I turned around to my sister-in-law<br />i saw your gorgeous ass. at that time, my sister-in-law turned her lip smiling<br />it was a strange rt, but I was furious, I was going to shoot 31. in case my sister-in-law wants something<br />i didn’t.


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