This story I’m going to tell is taken from my real life… I’m bored is<br />we had a long chat with a lady who had entered the chat from her place and<br />we got our numbers, the only problem is that I was Decently in istanbul, by the way, I<br />27 years old, 186 tall, 80 kg, I am a charismatic brunette<br />our friendship progressed, he was married, but unhappy with the difficult family<br />she was married and eventually quarreled with her husband, came to Istanbul and called<br />we met on a Sunday afternoon on the beach of kadıkoy etine dolgun 1 65<br />a tall and covered lady came out, we sat for a long time in a cafe<br />we talked, I held your hands, we broke up, we texted that night, but what<br />there is no point in me not entering messages, there are still demons in my ears in her vagina<br />that sound that comes out when you stick your finger in… we agreed again to give you my pussy<br />i said I want we went to the islands, we threw ourselves in a cafe, we chatted<br />he said my hands were getting dark, I took his hands and squeezed them and it was like fire<br />then we went out to wander, we stopped at a place overlooking the sea, the path of trees<br />golge was sitting on the porch, we were sitting wrapped around the bottom of a tree, he<br />he was a little embarrassed, I grabbed his penis with my hands and turned to face an opucuk<br />i put it on her lips slowly, slowly, and she started to hurt my dick<br />it started to take off and it’s on my lip and on my pants<br />he was playing with my dick and then he opened my zipper and started licking it, which is like a stone<br />my squeeze is that I’m both playing with her tits and looking around and throwing her<br />i was passing by myself with tongue blows then straightened my hand skirt<br />i threw a lacy kilot into your soaked cunt dressed in a kilot<br />i threw my middle finger into the honey nest through the soaked hairline………..Decapitated………..<br />i was so cold that my breath changed, and then I got out and put my finger on it<br />i licked it, there was a wonderful pussy smell, and then my head while he was looking around<br />i put it between her legs from under her skirt Decently over the hairline<br />i pierced him with bites and then Decked my tongue between his hairs<br />i started shoving and pulling, he was both passing out and scratching me<br />then a little shy sounds were coming from the tree when the sounds stopped<br />i laid her down Decently, I stripped off her skirt, I got between her legs<br />i started to squeeze my hand up and down, I hurt my pussy every time<br />i was moaning as if I was pulling, I put my head against it, I asked, do you want it??<br />evvvveeettt dedi moan with a wife, I put them all together, don’t scream<br />he closed his mouth with his hand once slowly and then briskly a<br />so I left, I came, and as soon as it started shaking, I realized that the one who will be divorced<br />yes, I sped up for the first time and we got empty at the same time, but I just in case<br />i ejaculated outside, we gathered up and lay down, we passed by ourselves<br />so we rested a little and we straightened up and left after that<br />he froze in his hometown, our conversations continued, he left the inspiration, but<br />his family did not bring him back to Istanbul, I heard that he was there with someone<br />we don’t see each other anymore, but I can’t forget… yes, isde boyle to all the ladies<br />i’m calling, please come, let’s talk, let’s chat, if our head fits<br />what happens in the future, let’s both decide…[


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