I’m Ahmet. I live in Muğla. There is a very beautiful girl in our neighborhood whose name is<br />ceyda.ve his ass is very solid.one day Ceyda came to sit with her mother to us<br />He came.i used to put ceyda next to me and put music on her on your computer<br />I asked if he had a program.he said there is a room.i can throw it in yours if you want<br />said.i said I would too, and he said take the house key from his mother and come.I<br />we’re driving in the back, he’s in the front, and he’s curling a lot.Decked out in flip-flops<br />her feet look so sexy.then we came to their house and from the bigisayard<br />we started throwing the program<br /><br />It was going to take a long time işimiz.ve he told me if you want to turn on the TV, turn it on, so I<br />i opened it. An erotic tv channel appeared in front of me on your angle. He was a little embarrassed. I’m you<br />when I asked if you want to be like these women, no, but I like it<br />said.i said if you want, I can fuck you like these women.the room is very for this<br />i need it, he said, would you really do it.of course I will too, my love<br />i said and stuck to his lip.then I started licking her feet and from that<br />he said he enjoyed it very much. I was horny too and put mine in your mouth<br />I’ve given.<br /><br />He was licking very nicely.then I took this on me and started hopping.later<br />i fucked my legs shoulder to shoulder and ceyda keep going we’re doing so well, my love<br />he was screaming.so then I took it on and got up and we went to the bathroom.juice<br />i was hungry and we were fucking under the water.then i cum at your feet and buddha<br />he licked and swallowed all the cum on his feet.then home as if nothing had happened<br />we arrived and I didn’t leave the untouched place of the gazelle in my room at home…


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